Alexis Arquette Was Going To Out Everyone In Hollywood

Mike Redmond | September 13, 2016 – 12:10 pm

Earlier in the year, Alexis Arquette publicly accused Will and Jada Pinkett Smith of being hypocrites for boycotting the Oscars over concerns of racism while they themselves perpetuated the discrimination of gays by being closet homosexuals. The post was eventually deleted from Facebook because that’s a hornet’s nest you don’t kick unless you’re walking around with Peter Thiel money. Except now comes word that Alexis was getting ready to write a tell-all book outing everyone in Hollywood, but died over the weekend before she had a chance. Page Six reports:

Alexis, who died Sunday at 47 after a long illness, had been approached several times to write a tell-all book, and was considering the most recent offers.
“She told me she was gearing up, and it was draining her because she knew she could blow the lid off a lot of closeted gay men and women and their respective marriages,” one friend told me.
“She said, ‘I’m not quite ready for that kind of battle. But when I do write my book, and uncover all the hypocrisy, this town will come to a stop.’”

While this makes Alexis’ death seem all kinds of suspicious, PEOPLE confirms she died of complications from AIDS, and it’s not like there’s some stupid rich, allegedly bisexual Hollywood player out there carrying fast-acting super AIDS who needs to protect his bad boy heterosexual image. That’d be crazy, right?

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Secrets Safe! Will Smith BFF Duane Martin Strikes Hush-Hush Deal To Settle Messy Bankruptcy

The case exposed shocking claims about a secret payoff from the A-lister.

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The true extent of Will Smith‘s relationship with Duane Martin will remain a secret, has learned, since Martin and his wife Tishahave settled the messy bankruptcy case that had threatened to expose his A-list pal.

As Radar reported, Duane and Tisha filed for bankruptcy in January, claiming they owed more than $15,145,387. And in documents filed in the case, the trustee of the proceedings claimed that Smith and his wife, JadaPinkett-Smith, paid big bucks to help the Martins save their home. According to the trustee, information about that shady deal and others was hidden away on Martin’s personal laptop — along with photos and videos that the actor didn’t want the world to see!

Martin initially refused to turn over the laptop, claiming it was full of secrets he needed to prevent from being leaked to the media. But they finally figured out how to transfer the info, and reached a quickie settlement deal after a day-long secret mediation session on July 21.

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According to the terms of the deal, filed in court on September 1 and obtained by Radar, Tisha and Duane agreed to pay $338,000 to the trustee of the bankruptcy, which will be dished out to their creditors.

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They also agreed that any future residuals from their acting gigs will go towards paying off their debts. (But if they can come up with $125,000 in cash before the final bankruptcy hearing, they can skip that option.)

Once the court approves of the settlement, and the Martins pay in full, the bankruptcy will be discharged, and they’ll get back full possession of their other assets.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, that includes: a 2014 Range Rover, a 1999 Kawasaki Drifter, a 2004 Yamaha Scooter, a 2016 Range Rover Sport, a 2016 Jeep Wrangler, $15,000 in furniture and appliances, $2,500 in electronics, $1,000 in guns, $1,000 in clothing, $200 in cash and $173 in a Disney credit union account.


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