D-list celeb clams keeping it scuzzy! 

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You’re probably wondering: Does Tom Cruise smoke weed? The eccentric A-lister certainly seems like a guy that’s done some drugs before, but is weed one of them? We couldn’t help ourselves on this one, so we decided to check out whether or not the great Tom Cruise is in fact, a stoner. Take a look at what we were able to dig up!

Who is Tom Cruise?

It would be pretty tough to imagine someone not knowing who Tom Cruise is, but here’s a little refresher course. Cruise has been nominated for three Oscars and has won three Golden Globes in his illustrious acting career. He was in his first movie at age 19, as a small role in the film “Endless Love.” His first major role was of the supporting character David Shawn in the film “Taps.” 

Cruise’s breakout year was 1983 when he appeared in the movies “The Outsiders,” “Risky Business,” and “All the Right Moves.” The 80’s were a coming out party for Cruise, who also starred in the films “Top Gun” (1986), “The Color of Money” (1986), “Cocktail” (1988), and “Rainman” (1988).

Cruise’s role in “Rain Man” earned him critical acclaim, and cemented his legacy as a Hollywood A-lister. He followed that performance up with the film “Born on the Fourth of July,” for which he received his first Academy Award nomination.

Cruise was also in a string of films in the 90’s including hits “Days of Thunder” and “Interview With a Vampire,” but his most iconic film of that decade was the 1996 reboot of the television show “Mission: Impossible.” That year he also starred in another iconic film, “Jerry Maguire,” in which he received his second Golden Globe and Oscar nomination.

The 2000’s were just as successful for Cruise, as he starred in hit films “Vanilla Sky” (2001), “The Last Samurai” (2003), and “War of the Worlds” (2005), in addition to several “Mission Impossible” sequels.

Cruise is currently filming the sixth installment of the “Mission Impossible” series. He recently starred in the reboot of “The Mummy,” which was met with mixed reviews. Cruise is also a noted Scientologist and is one of the highest-ranking members of the church.

Puff or Pass?

Does Tom Cruise Smoke Weed?

Tom Cruise has always been sort of a strange cat, so it’s pretty hard to get a read on whether or not he burns. As we all know, people of all shapes, sizes, and races love the ganja. But does Tom Cruise smoke weed?

Unfortunately, there’s not much evidence to support that the actor does partake. In 2008, a new strain of medicinal cannabis dubbed Tom Cruise Purple was released.Apparently, the strain was so strong, that it would cause you to “see things that aren’t really there.”

Cruise has always been somewhat delusional (cough Scientology, cough), so it was a pretty fitting name for bud. However, Tom certainly didn’t think so and was apparently furious with the name.

Apparently, the vial of pot also contained a picture of Cruise’s face laughing hysterically, which didn’t sit too well with the actor. Either way, Cruise’s anger with the strain doesn’t seem too stoner-like to us.

Final Hit: Does Tom Cruise Smoke Weed?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the movie star smokes the ganja. His strange, erratic behavior and obsessive views on Scientology don’t necessarily paint the picture of a hardcore stoner. And him bugging out over a strain of weed being named after him is truly icing on the cake.

But hey, you never know. Maybe Cruise smokes, and he’s putting on some charade. But the stoner in all of us highly doubts that.

Does Tom Cruise Smoke Weed?

rare footage of David Miscavige in disguise as his alter ego nightclub singer…

Outside of scientology’s own paid for PR websites I don’t think a positive connotation for the word “scientology” actually exists… it’s so synonomous with all things bad, dangerous, dodgy, negative etc that it even pops up in food reviews, lol

Sally Western Spangle Eason, a truly nasty piece of work just can’t stop pissing off people…. to give you an idea this person sent an email to my site hosts saying I was a heavy drug user who stalked her and threatened her violence…

…this was literally after a couple of days of tweeting to each other – to say she’s a tad ‘unhinged’ is being polite – she even contacted my Facebook friends saying she was a friend of mine who needed my address to send me something.  When you throw into the mix that she’s a good friend of the last remaining people to publicly defend scientology: (Mr and Mrs Bellend – John Alex Wood (JAW ) and Gemma Harris) in the UK – and is happy to go into attack mode against any of their cult critics you can see she’s not playing with a full deck.

The Oddest Antisemite

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Antisemitism comes in many forms, none odder than our next subject:

Former Labour Party local election candidate Sally Eason, also known as Sally Spangle, who currently tweets as @NeoLilacPill.

(previously @corbynfangirl @2017ismine @twatterosa @shapiroposse @whoreofrome @8thJuneFTW and many more)

She first came to peoples’ attention during the Livingstone antisemitism storm. All reputable historians agreed the evidence showed Livingstone distorting history for his own agenda. Some, like Simon Schama, took to Twitter to explain why.

However, Sally Eason dismissed his input, instead recommending ‘The World’s Story’ by Dan Gold. A book listed under ‘fiction’ featuring crazed conspiracies.

Obviously, it doesn’t look good — a Labour Council candidate using a book of fiction featuring crazed conspiracy theories to deny accusations of antisemitism.

So, when confronted, she labelled those people antisemitic, added the word ‘JEWISH’ in capital letters to her profile and deleted her abusive tweets. She promptly changed her twitter handle, thus avoiding searches.

Unfortunately, her grasp of Judaism, Synagogues and Conversion is loose, to say the least. As is her idea of what makes someone Jewish.

She also informs Jews that they aren’t real Jews like she is. But it gets odder still…

She makes lists of Jews she doesn’t agree with, and labels them ‘antisemites’. She also targets Jewish organisations fighting antisemitism and people who she believes are associated with them, labelling them ‘trolls’ without any sense of irony.

She interacts with people who have a history of antisemitism, such as well known hard line antisemite Charles Edward Frith and Grahame Whitehurst.

She is in regular contact with Jackie Walker on Facebook, who also has concerning views about Jews and a questionable Jewish Heritage.

Here you can see them planning an account, designed specifically to delegitimise claims of racism by Jews. It is now active.

If you’ve read this far, then you won’t be shocked to hear her other bizarre antisemitic claims:

  • Jews are trying to ‘take over the Labour Party like a resistant virus’
  • Zionists invented antisemitism to wipe out Yiddish
  • Zionists admired the Nazis but despised Jews
  • ‘most antisemitism’ comes from Israel

Even the Mayor of London gets targeted with an abusive tweet for supporting Israel, bizarrely described as ‘pig-head fucking Nazi paid to pass exam idiots’.

And still it gets curiouser…

she had a run in with Scientology whistle blowers following a concerning episode. This included threats and harassment of national treasure Eric Idle.

Welcome to Sally’s wonderful world, where the veneer of anti-Zionism and reality is paper thin:

Jews are fake Jews, non-Jews are ‘true Torah Jews’, people pointing out antisemitism are antisemites, Fiction is History, Zionists are like Nazis and Eric Idle is a very naughty boy.

https:[email protected]_Know/the-oddest-antisemite-225b9aa7a9ee

it’s almost tragic to see how brainwashed @gemthetwit has become… she’s finding it harder and harder to make coherent replies defending scientology and has pretty much resorted to the twitter equivalent of putting her hands over your ears whilst shouting “la la la – Ican’t hear you”.

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Messageboard: 2000-2017

As we mentioned on Thursday, today
is the last day of the infamous
Popbitch messageboard. We couldn’t
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When we gave evidence at the Leveson
Inquiry in 2012, one of the major
players took us aside and confessed
that they had a login to the board.

>> Hack attack <<
Ahead of the curve

Those watching the Popbitch
messageboard closely in March 2002
would have got an early tip-off to
the phone hacking scandal, a story
which broke many, many years later.

w____ writes:
“Wicked Surveillance: which major
national newspaper showbiz desk
has a nasty tactic for getting their
leads on the stars?

“By taking advantage of a default
setting on a mobile network
(Vodafone, I think), two showbiz
hacks simultaneously call a
celebrity’s mobile. One of the
scumbags gets through to the
answerphone, at which point they
need only type in 9, followed by
3333 to gain access to the
star’s messages.

“To make matters worse, once the
gossip/dirt has been gathered,
the courageous journalists then
delete the victims’ messages to
cover their tracks.

“So now, hopefully, stars won’t
be so bemused when the papers
get leads on stories that they
haven’t told anyone about.

“They’re bugging your phone!”

Not only did showbiz desks know this
trick, some also kept blacklists of
celebrities whose voicemails were
“too boring” to mine for stories.
(Apparently Noel Gallagher did a
LOT of dry cleaning…)

>> Boarderline <<
Honouring her Madgesty

All sorts of celebs and household
names had their own logins to the
board. Your favourite Sunday
columnists all had a login. Your
favourite popstars of the 80s
and 90s all had a login. MPs,
lawyers, judges – everyone.

But arguably the biggest name
to grace the board?

“mlvc” – a.k.a. Madonna Louise
Veronica Ciccone.

The first Popbitch messageboard
baby, Nina, (born to posters Cagey
and Cali) is now 12 years old.

>> Manic neat preacher <<
Bed and breakfast service

The messageboard gained a
reputation for being vicious, but
that wasn’t always the case. Posters
were always quick to praise an
unexpectedly pleasant celeb…

slackhack writes:
“Someone I know shagged James
Dean Bradfield, and her flat was
less than spotless. When she woke
up, he’d been to the shop, bought
croissants and orange juice,
done the washing up and was
vaccing her lounge.”

“Alan Bennett said of Samuel Beckett,
‘If his face looks like that, imagine
what his balls must look like.’ I
feel the same about Leslie Ash’s
lips and her lulu.” – lord_venger

>> Gaggrevation <<
When A v B v C v D kicked off

Injunction-prodding has been a
staple of the board for years. We
remember when the superinjunction
craze was so new and so secret that
we would get served them on a
Friday morning – hand-delivered,
fresh from the lawyers.

As often though, it was the story
behind the story that was most
interesting – like this example:

leguape writes:
“There was an England football
player who had a superinjunction
against Northern and Shell
(Dirty Desmond’s papers) over
correspondence between the player
and his teenage sweetheart from
when he was a young prodigy.

“To try to break the injunction
under the classic “It’s in the
public domain” defence, someone
named him on the BBC Celebdaq
messageboards, which I worked
on. They then phoned up claiming
to be from the Irish edition of
the Daily Star to ask if we knew
we’d broken a superinjunction.

“I thanked them for telling us,
referred them to the BBC press
office and deleted it (it had
been there for about an hour).
Thought nothing more of it until
I came in the next morning to
find all the papers running “BBC
website manager faces 18
months for contempt of court
after Footballer X named”. Fucking
shat myself with fear until Greg
Dyke offered his mobile to call
him if I got doorstepped.”

This isn’t the first messageboard
hiatus. Thanks to our old pals at
Schillings we took down the board
on 29 Nov 2000 for a month, so
someone couldn’t anonymously (and
erroneously) post the words “Jeremy
Clarkson is a paedophile” every day.

>> Goldenballs <<
Dealings and doo-dahs

Even when the messageboard got
us in some pretty hot water with
the law, getting to see lawyers
repeat the stranger bits of
Popbitch parlance with a deadpan
face made it all worthwhile –
like this genuine legal letter
we still treasure.

An expensive lawfirm writes:
“We act for SFX Sports Group
(Europe) Limited (SFX), David
Beckham’s Management Company. We
write with reference to the
gravely defamatory and highly
damaging messages that have been
posted on your messageboard
relating to David Beckham.

“By way of example, you will see
that these messages include the
statement that in the last year
David Beckham had ‘dealings of
the gonad kind with [REDACTED]…’
and ‘those doo-dahs with him
in Japan’.”

The first 21st century rumour to
spread like a virus was that Meg
Mathews’ baby-daddy wasn’t Noel
Gallagher. It was Goldie. PB board
disdain was such that we made
“Goldie is My Dad” t-shirts. (It
wasn’t true: as Anais Gallagher’s
eyebrows conclusively prove.)

>> Urine luck <<
Hanging out with the stars

One evergreen topic of the board
was toilet spots. The acronym
IDNSHC (“I Did Not See His Cock”)
became the all-too-frequent
shorthand, but a few of you lucky
beggars did get to glimpse a
celeb cock or two. Some even got
a story to go with it.

celtiagirl writes:
“In a Hungarian men’s loo a drunk
FOF rolled in, spotted Dominic
Cooper at the stalls having a waz,
and pointed at Dom’s cock.

“‘That’s been inside Amanda Seyfried,’
he said unnecessarily. ‘Yes it has,’
said Cooper. Then he finished his
piss, re-zipped, and gave the guy
the international fab Macca two
thumbs aloft sign.”

FYI: Most surprising cock spot?
Former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik “a
cock like a swan’s neck; occupied
both of his hands”

9/11: most websites went down with
traffic surges but our secure bunker
location/shit graphics meant the
board stayed up and, thanks to EIB
poster, relayed all the newswires.
(And terrible jokes, of course.)

>> Paper cuts <<
Curling out copy

Messageboard gossip rarely stayed
confined to Popbitch. In the
early days there was virtually
no unhacked celeb news in the
tabloids and broadsheets that
hadn’t been pilfered from the
board – but props to the Sunday
Sport for taking up one of the
filthiest, most daring of the lot:

thebestnameshavegone writes:
“The Rev [Goatboy] was sat in
the pub leafing through a stash
of mucky pictures he’d obtained
from the continent. The photos
were hardcore, and the set
culminated in a shot of a lady
curling one out into a man’s

“There was a bloke on the next
table that the Rev half-recognised
so they started talking. It was
the Coronation Street actor
who played Ernest Bishop,
neurotic husband to prim Emily.

“Stephen was good company, so
the Rev offered him a look at
the mucky pictures. Stephen
chuckled obligingly, until he
got to that final shot and –
without missing a beat – remarked
‘Oh, if only Emily would do that
to me!'”

Poster 0898 overheard the Sugababes
backstage at the Q awards.
Heidi: I’d love to meet Coldplay
Mutya: Didn’t we meet them in Italy
Keisha: No, that was David Gray.

>> Where are they now? <<
Keeping tabs on the old guard

The sorts of celebs that posters
gossiped about over the years
changed regularly – but we always
did our best to keep up with the
stars of yesteryear:

richjohnston writes:
“Remember Berri? As in ‘Sunshine
After The Rain’, mid-nineties hit?.
She shagged Liam Gallagher in
the toilets at some industry do
and told her management. They
insisted she tell [the Sunday
papers] or they’d drop her. So
she did (“Liam Loo-ved Me And
Left Me” was the tasteful headline)
and they dropped her anyway.

“She got work as a marketing
receptionist in Putney, but moved
back up North, got married and
judges Yorkshire Pudding throwing
competitions every year.”

RIP: Reverend Goatboy (July 2007),
indiekid (Nov 2010), Soho Pam (Jan
2013), Paddy_ODours (?) and, err,
the print edition of the NME… (when’s
that happening again, honk?)

>> *presses F-P45* <<
The dangers of gossip

Being in the messageboard elite
came with some serious
hazards. In fact, a few of the
most dedicated weasels lost their
jobs as a result of pissing
around on the board to keep us
all entertained:

deep_stoat writes:
“I remember posting that Sarah
Cracknell had just walked into
my office and then receiving
an email from my boss twenty
seconds later saying ‘Get the
fuck off Popbitch’.”

stan writes:
“My boss called me in for a
meeting and presented me with
my entire work internet history
for the previous month, every
Popbitch refresh on a separate
line. It was over 200 sheets
of A4. That was when I learnt
that the first thing to do in
any job was make friends with
the head of IT.”

whitemaninhammersmithpalais writes:
“Was given duff information, in
turn posted it to Popbitch, got
hauled up in front of the big
boss and police. Then told it
was all part of a plan to see
where the leaks were coming from
and told me I was lucky I wasn’t
being prosecuted.”

It wasn’t doom and gloom for
everyone though. At last count there
has been something like 14 Popbitch
messageboard weddings – a trend
started by Moggie and Deadmeat, 2003.

>> Blackest name <<
Surprise surprise, it’s Cilla

The Beckhams probably got the worst
of it, but the one celeb who came
in for a surprisingly consistent
number of pastings? Cilla Black.
Holy shit, people fucking hated her.
We rounded up some of the best
stories here.

However, we uncovered an old one
late last week, which maybe helps
explain why Cilla never made the
move to the BBC.

celtiagirl writes:
“There’s a BBC commissioning ed
who likes to reminisce about once
holding out his hand to shake
Cilla’s, only for her to dump her
mink coat into it instead. How he
laughs! Then re-emphasises that
she’s got more chance duetting
with John Lennon than finding
a show with the BBC…”

Perhaps BBC would give us a fee for
stealing the term “Pramface” from
the board, misusing the term and
turning it into a TV show?

>> Pee and b <<
Politics: Popbitch style

It wasn’t just pop culture that
got discussed. Some very high-brow
political discourse took place on
the board from time to time.

im_brigitta_shes_louisa writes:
“Would Tony Blair be bothered to
know that the second largest
donor to his election fund is
well into his water sports? One
young lady has revealed how the
gentleman loved to be pissed on
whilst laying on his bathroom
floor. Sample text? “Come round
– bring a full bladder”.

In the Iraq war, bored soldiers and
war correspondents filled the board
with Green Zone gossip from Baghdad
and Kabul, leading to the Evening
Standard to anoint our “unrivalled
war coverage”. (Non-ironically,
we’re sure…)

>> Wouldgate <<
Jon’s putting it in now

One real benefit of the board was
getting a sense of what it was
like to shag certain celebrities
without actually having to put
yourself through the ordeal.

Tom Baker’s “Tom’s putting it
in now” is the classic of the genre
– but this is solid second place.

medium_smart writes:
“Jonathan Woodgate talks about
himself in the third person while
having sex. A (very attractive)
girl I met who had the dubious
pleasure of being recently
penetrated by the anvil-faced
halfwit reported a very classy
‘Jonathan wants to be sucked’,
a slightly creepy ‘Jonathan
wants anal’ and a heartening
‘Jonathan is enjoying himself’.”

Thanks to: Each and every single
one of you editors, posters and
lurkers for making the board what
it was. Thanks to the dozens of you
who dished the very best p and b –
especially the Popbitch Five who
started it all off. But our biggest
thanks go to pauly, without whom
there would be no board at all.

Pauly, you made internet history.
We salute you.

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