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BT’s in the Belfry


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BT’s in the Belfry

BT’s—will be defined shortly—have certainly been mentioned before, but considering how fundamental they are to moving up the Scientology Bridge and “going free,” the subject deserves its own post and discussion. Thanks to Brian and others for their insightful comments on Mike’s September 25th posting.

I must warn you, though. The church regards the whole topic as not only confidential, but dangerous. In their eyes, anyone reading this is committing a crime and risks going insane. Now’s your chance to turn away from the screen.

I was always a big science fiction fan. I grew up reading Bradbury, Heinlein, and Tolkien and in the summer of 1977, my partner and I stood in line to see Luke, Leia, and Han battle Darth Vader and the evil Empire. Ten years later, we watched the first episode of Star Trek, the Next Generation. Today, I proudly wear a tee shirt that reads: Picard/Riker 2016. So when I learned back in the 70’s that Scientology was developed by a science fiction writer, I was more enthralled than discouraged. By the time I reached OT 3, I was a little less confident of him and his revolutionary discoveries.

Bugs, Bats, and BT’s

LRH liked inventing his own nomenclature and thus, coined term Thetan for spiritual being. All human beings are Thetans, and all Thetans like playing around in human bodies—at least the ones in this solar system. The bummer is, there aren’t enough bodies to go around. Not to worry.

According to LRH, each person is surrounded with thousands of quasi-sentient thetans that for some reason weren’t causative enough to secure primary control of a body of their own. LRH called these guys Body Thetans—BT’s for short. They behave similarly to the reactive mind, negatively influencing a person’s life without him knowing the cause. Some BT’s exist individually. Others band together in big clusters.

For some reason, BT’s are in such a fog, they can’t communicate with their hosts. BT’s are like sleeping sloths. And just like a sloth’s coat is infested with thousands of parasites, a BT is laden with lifetimes of engrams that impinge on its host—which is you, Homo sap. As far as I know, that’s all they do: inflict their negativity onto whomever they’re attached. BT’s are basically guests from hell.

I suppose anyone would be out of sorts after 75 million years without something corporeal with which to control. I wonder what decides who gets primary control of a body once one is made available. Is there a long line (queue for you Brits) of eager thetans waiting on the other side of Mars? “Okay, move it along. Come on, come on, we haven’t got all day. Next!”

The bottom line is BT’s are the ultimate horror story and must be jettisoned at all costs.

But how? How does one get rid of them? Special lasers with game-controllers hooked up to e-meters? Lasers work for everything else, right?

See your local reg for the complete answer.

The Big Bad Wall

I’d been told ever since I became a Scientologist that a “Wall of Fire” described on OT 3 contained the answers man had long sought, and was where I’d once and for all learn how human beings ended up on this prison planet in their degraded state.

As an avid sci-fi fan, I was ripe to believe that Earth had been seeded by aliens millions of years ago; that Adam and Eve were a hoax; and man hadn’t evolved from a cosmic mud puddle 3.8 billion years ago. According to Ron, me and every other dissident in a far sector of the galaxy were rounded up 75 million years ago, read their rights, shuttled to Earth in DC-8-like spaceships, and unceremoniously dumped in volcanos. Never mind that these volcanos didn’t exist at that time—the island of Hawaii is only around a million years old and the first anatomically modern humans appeared just 200,000 years ago. Cognitive dissonance and a serious need to change my life had blinded me to geologic reality.

I suspended my disbelief, pulled out my wallet, and spent the ensuing months auditing myself in a closet (literally) in order to rid myself of these evil entities. I thought I was done when I was done. Not quite.

Always Something Else

Apparently, I was lying when I attested to being BT free at the end of OT3. Apparently, there were thousands more clinging to my ass, waiting to crawl up inside me and wreak havoc with my dynamics. Oh my!

LRH discovered that there were so many BT’s left to eradicate he developed OT levels 4 through 7 to deal with them all. In fact, it takes years of holding the cans for hours a day to finally unglue the sticky little buggers. I never made it to this level, but from tireless research, I have determined this is what it’s all about.

Every six months, those on OT 7 are expected to fly back to Flag for a “checkup.” The ostensible reason is to get people winning again who are having trouble on the level.

According to just about everybody who’s blown from the level, the real reason is to catch those who may be wavering in their belief and are in need of help from Ethics. Because as everyone knows, overts and withholds are the root cause for loss of faith.

In the Meantime

Ever wonder what everybody did from the time we were dumped here on Earth 75 million years ago to when Homo sapiens finally evolved? Did we play galactic poker? Interstellar charades? Twenty questions? Knit?

Imagine waiting all that time for the first real man to evolve:

“Oh my god, we’re almost there, Bob! Another million years and these Neanderthals should just about have evolved to where their bodies will be worth inhabiting. I frikken can’t wait!”

Picture the mad stampede to grab that first Cro-Magnon to emerge from that famous cave in France! Kind of like being the first in line for a new iPhone.

74 ½ million years is a long time to wait around for anything! Especially when there’s not enough product to go around.

A couple of hundred thousand years after Cro-Magnon, Igor turned back to Bob, “Screw this. I’m not waiting around another million years to get my own body. I’m latching on to someone who already has one. Like that pretty girl by the mud hut. I might not be in full control of her but it’s better than nothing. I’m done playing charades and knitting scarves.”

Little did Igor know, that by affixing himself to the girl, he would lose all consciousness.

Meat or Non-meat

Unless I missed something at a remote Congress, LRH never mentioned whether these billion and billions of malcontents were transported to Earth in physical bodies or as spiritual beings. My supervisor’s answer on OT 2 was always, “What do your materials state?”

One thing I do know, it would take one hell of a fleet of DC-8’s to transport everyone here as slabs of meat. Mass-less thetans are so much easier to ship (And cheaper; check it out at On the other hand, flailing bodies plunging into caldrons of molten lava is a sexier story for the five o’clock news back in the Confederacy. Nonphysical bodies barely make a splash.

How does one pour something with no mass into anything, anyhow?

Higher Math

I like math. Always have. I liked doing equations in school and I like numbers with lots of zeros—like multiplying the current number of people on Earth times the number of BT’s clinging to each one.

7.5 billion people living on Earth times 1,000 BT’s per body (which is a very conservative estimate) = 7.5 trillion. Wow. That’s a lot of beings hanging around Earth. And they all arrived via Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Flight 3862, from Marcab to Earth, right?

Let’s say these DC-8’s were monster ships. Like really, really big. Cargo holds the size of football stadiums. Each one held 10 million people, really bad people—artists, musicians, actors, journalists, you know, the dregs from the known civilization.

So…7.5 trillion thetans on Earth divided by 10 million (capacity of each ship per Boeing—I looked it up) = 750,000 DC-8’s needed to transport everyone. Which is one hell of a fleet, let me tell you. If Xenu diverted all his resources to finishing these behemoths at a rate of ten per day (imagine hundreds of gargantuan dry docks floating in space), it would take 75,000 planetary orbits to complete the fleet. Or in Earth time: about 205 years. Which would be just enough time to round up all the trillions of dissidents scattered across the sector.

Don’t you love math.

Ron and Bugs

It’s been suggested that LRH invented the whole concept of BT’s as another way to get people to continue to pay big bucks for auditing.

Others have hypothesized that the man was bi-polar and delusional, and that BT’s were but figments of a deranged mind. It’s not hard to imagine a truly crazy person believing invisible creatures were crawling all over his body, causing him to think and act in a “non-survival” manner. If LRH was truly Clear, there had to be some other mechanism suppressing this vaunted state.

BT’s were a handy answer, especially by one so well versed in the world of science fiction, and it wasn’t long before the definition of Clear was revised to “Clear on the First Dynamic”—only. (Apparently, the other seven were bug-infested and still out of kilter.)

Interestingly, LRH was the first man who was able to deduce the presence of BT’s. Jesus didn’t mention them in the Bible. Buddha may have divined their presence but never talked about them. Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu were in the dark. Gnostics mention other beings but they didn’t identify what was really going on like LRH. Oddly, even Einstein and Carl Sagan were oblivious.

In fact, not only was LRH the first to discover the presence of BT’s, per Scientology doctrine, he was the first man to come up with an “accurate” account of how we all arrived on Earth.

There is no documented research and there is no scientific evidence that BT’s exist. And there’s no galactic library where we can look up the Marcab Confederacy in order to verify LRH’s version of history, either. We just have to take his word.

But Why All the Confidentiality?

I offer several theories.

1)     LRH thought people would go insane if they believed thousands of invisible beings were crawling all over their bodies. And thus, he wanted people to wait until they’d been sufficiently trained and processed, and had gained more power and certainty.

2)     If people weren’t sufficiently indoctrinated to accept the concept of BT’s, they would balk at continuing on the Bridge. In Scientology parlance, they “wouldn’t be able to have” the idea. They wouldn’t be spiritually developed enough. The Wall of Fire and BT’s are “out-gradient” to new Scientologists.

3)     LRH was running a giant con game and hatched the whole idea as a way to dupe people into shelling out money to rid themselves of imaginary creatures.

What Happens to Blown BT’s?

Where do BT’s go after they’ve been “audited away?” Do they immediately latch on to another unsuspecting soul, or go in search of a newly pregnant woman? We’ve already established there aren’t nearly enough Earthlings to go around. So what do they do?

Roam the ether like packs of adolescent male lions? Hover over maternity wards in hopes of attaching themselves to likely newborns? Get pulled into the sun and incinerated? Take up mixed martial arts?

So, What Da Ya Think?

A lot of people swear The Wall of Fire is real, BT’s exist, and spend years attached to an e-meter purging themselves of these things. A lot people believe they’re figments of an unbalanced mind. Whichever you believe is fine with me.

Proving that something exits with no matter, energy, space, or time is a study better left to sorcerers and quantum physicists. I can’t remember what movie I saw last week, much less, know if I’m a composite being composed of me and thousands of mini-me’s—or just a piece of meat.
Still not Declared,
Terra Cognita

P.S. Where do thetans come from? Are they manufactured in a special factory on the other side of the universe? Or do they just appear every time God snaps her fingers?

expensive little buggers to get to know….


If a Scientology OT talks about the OT levels it is a breach of contract & they must pay Scientology $100,000 for each breach. This is part of the “Secret OT Contract” all OT’s must sign before they learn about Xenu, BT’s, and the other interesting facts on the OT levels.


OT’s must pay $100,000 if they breach the “OT Contract” and talk about Xenu or BT’s!

this is brilliant!


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We discuss the real secret of Narconon in this article. We will show you what L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology, and Narconon are withholding from prospective Narconon customers and the public at large.

The material we present is of significant and timely interest given the wave of lawsuits against Narconon. Essentially, Narconon represents its program as having a scientific basis. In this essay we show the real secret of Narconon. This goes to Narconon misrepresenting what it actually based upon and what the Narconon “treatment program” is actually doing according to L. Ron Hubbard.

Hubbard’s publicly stated premise for the Purification Rundown is this: Drug residues stored in the body “chronically restimulate” stored mental image pictures and thus cause clouded thinking, mood swings, feelings of being drugged, lethargy, and many other adverse physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual forms of distress. By flushing out drug residues in the Purification Rundown, Hubbard avers, a person attains a clear body and a clear mind. Here is the essential description of the Purification Rundown as articulated by Hubbard in his book Clear Body Clear Mind:


Let’s clay demo this with an image I created:

Purif.2According to Hubbard, if one flushes the drug residues from their body then the mental image pictures become inert and cannot negatively affect a person.

Below: This low quality Church of Scientology illustration (circa 1990) shows the basic Purification Rundown concept: A deficiency of B complex and niacin are created by taking drugs. The solution is to remedy the B complex and niacin deficiency. Niacin, B1, exercise, and sweating for five hours a day in a sauna will allow a person to flush the toxic drug residues lodged in their body fat:


I have created another diagram below to show a drug residue as a molecular structure – which is what any drug residue would have to actually exist as if the body were not able to metabolize it and break it down. Hence:

Purif.4Given the diagram above, any scientific researcher can ask nine basic physiological questions:

  1. What is a “mental image picture” and where is it physically located in the body?
  2. What is the exact physical structure of a mental image picture?
  3. In and of itself, how can the molecular structure of a “drug residue” stored in the body chronically restimulate a mental image picture?
  4. Hubbard states that drug residues are stored in the fat tissues of the body. Therefore are Hubbard’s posited mental image pictures also physical structures stored in fat tissues in proximity to the molecular drug residues? In other words, by what physical mechanism do the molecular structures of drug residues signal mental image pictures in order to chronically restimulate them? One could assume there would be a chemical signaling mechanism.
  5. Alternately, rather than chemical signaling, are molecular drug residues able to selectively bind to mental image pictures in order to chronically restimulate them? Do mental image pictures have receptors for molecular drug residues?
  6. How do molecular drug residues have sufficient stored chemical energy to signal, or otherwise bind to, mental image pictures in order to chronically restimulate them?
  7. By what biochemical process is niacin able to selectively target molecular drug residues and purge them from the body via the sweat glands?
  8. What is physiological pathway and mechanisms by which niacin bound to drug residues exits the body via the sweat glands?
  9. Do molecular drug residues have niacin receptors? If so, when bound to niacin, these molecular drug residues are somehow transported out of the body via the sweat glands.

For illustrative purposes, I created the image below to show a niacin molecule bound to a drug reside molecule exiting the body. I used a large red X to show how the mental image picture has become inert, or inactive, as a result of the niacin flushing the drug residue from the body. This is what Hubbard publicly claims is happening on the Purification Rundown:


Beyond this simplistic explanation, the physiological mechanisms of the Purification Rundown are left unexplained by Hubbard.

This is just as well for the real and publicly undisclosed secret of Narconon is this: The Purification Rundown component of the Narconon program is designed to address the body thetans (BT’s) that are being chronically restimulated by the mental image pictures caused by drug residues. The “Purif” is actually handling BT’s, Hubbard, Narconon, and the Church of Scientology have never publicly disclosed this fact – and this is why we are disclosing here on the Scientology Money Project.

Let’s have Mr. Hubbard himself tell you himself from the OT IV materials posted online.


Knowing that BT’s and BT clusters are affected by drugs, we can finally approach the Holy of Holies in the Scientology Purification Rundown, and here we speak of the megadoses of niacin. As a point of reference, a person must reach the level of OT III in Scientology learn about Body Thetan’s (BT’s). Thus, in the OT IV materials Hubbard states that persons below OT III case level will not understand that  Niacin and B1 knock body thetans out of chronic restimulation.  and BT’s in the OT 4 course pack.


This then is the secret of the Purification Rundown that only OT III’s and above can understand: Niacin and B1 causes BT’s to drop out restimulation. Per Hubbard, “This too brings about an improvement in the case condition of the person.”

Again, let’s clay demo what Hubbard said is really going on in the Purification Rundown. I created the illustration below we show a “drug engram” in which BT’s are in chronic restimulation as a result of being “stuck to” mental image pictures that are held in place by drug residues:

Purif.9Let’s look once again at what Hubbard wrote on OT IV:


We can now see Hubbard’s emphasis on megadoses of niacin in the Purification Rundown. Hubbard said that niacin and B1 flush the drug residues from the body and thus allow BT’s to drop out of the drug engrams and resultant chronic restimulation in which they are stuck. This causes the BT’s to cease mocking up the drug engrams.

After completing the Purification Rundown, Hubbard expected to see “destimulated” BT’s that had dropped out of drug engrams. As a result, there would be inert mental image pictures. This is why Hubbard said the Purification Rundown would bring about an improvement in the case condition of the person.

Given Hubbard’s claims about the Purif and how it handles BT’s explains why the Church of Scientology is backed into a corner and has never funded any scientific peer-reviewed testing. The Church does not care to disclose to any scientific researchers Hubbard’s metaphysical basis for the Purification Rundown. However, we do so here at the Underground Bunker.

Purif.11[Narconon Tijuana]

Based upon the evidence in OT IV, Narconon is demonstrably crypto-Scientology delivered under the guise of a “secular drug treatment program based upon the works of L. Ron Hubbard” — and yet this none of this is disclosed to prospective Narconon clients. The inescapable fact is that the theory and application of Narconon is inextricably linked to Scientology’s OT levels, Xenu, and BT’s.

To participate in the Narconon program is to be surreptitiously pulled by Scientology into its core Xenu cosmology. The covert, hidden, and secret goal of Narconon is to handle a person’s BT’s and clusters of BT’s by getting them to blow by use of megadoses of niacin. This will make a person feel better according to Hubbard. More importantly, it just might make Narconon graduates amenable to becoming Scientologists or Narconon staff members.

Narconon has long been viewed as both a Scientology money-maker and a Scientology recruitment portal. According to Mark Ebner’s 2011 article about Narconon in The Fix, the real goal of Narconon is to turn customers into Scientologists:


The Narconon Exposed flow chart showing the instruction to route Narconon graduates to the nearest Org can be found here.

One key question remains: Is a person who completes the Narconon program truly and fully free of BT’s and their deleterious effects?

The answer is no.

In the confidential OT IV course pack, Hubbard candidly admitted that the Purification Rundown doesn’t handle all of the BT’s and BT clusters:


Hubbard admits that a person who completes the Purification Rundown is “not completely and entirely handled on the subject of drugs.” And yet Narconon charges $30,000 – $40,000 (or more) for a program in which a person, per L. Ron Hubbard, is “not completely and entirely handled on the subject of drugs.” This is downright scandalous.

What is the best that Hubbard — and therefore Narconon — can claim for the Purification Rundown? It is this:

From a Scientology “technical” perspective, then, the best result a Narconon customer could expect to receive for their money is a some “partial destimulation” of drug engrams and BT’s that even Hubbard himself could not quantify. All Hubbard could say is that the Purification Rundown puts a person into better case shape.

In my opinion, Narconon is intentionally selling a mislabeled and misbranded product: Narconon is covertly and inherently based upon Hubbard’s BT theory. Narconon is not secular in any way whatsoever. Narconon intentionally fails to disclose the Body Thetan theory to which Hubbard ascribes and credits the claimed results of the Purification Rundown.


[Narconon Egypt]

From a legal perspective, it seems that Narconon should fully disclose the actual Scientology BT basis of Narconon. Such informed consent would allow prospective Narconon clients, or their families, to have the full facts that Narconon is metaphysical in nature and is not scientific. The public and prospective Narconon clients are entitled to know that Narconon is based upon Hubbard’s secret teaching that body thetans — and clusters of body thetans – are being handled on the Narconon program.

OT 4 is called the “OT Drug Rundown.” What this tells us is that even if a person does the Purification Rundown they still must handle more BT’s and more BT drug effects up on OT 4. The public and prospective Narconon clients should be informed that Narconon, according to Hubbard himself, cannot fully handle the effects of drugs.

Narconon should also be required to disclose the leaked internal memo written by Claudia Arcabascio, Narconon International’s Legal Affairs Director. In this memo, Ms. Arcabascio concedes that there is no scientific evidence for Narconon’s claimed success rates (spelling errors in the original e-mail):

From: Claudia Arcabascio
Subject: Re: Wolverton BBB complaint and suggested response
Cc: “PRODUCTION NNI” , “John Walser A/ED NN FC”
Date: Monday, January 12, 2009, 4:36 PM


Thanks for sent me this. I don’t have a copy of the letter received from the BBB which makes difficult for me to see if the answer is appropiate.

However, I see the letter okay less than the comment of “hearsay”. It is a generality.

I cannot reach Helena today to review this. Instead, I recommend the following:

1. Correct the letter (more ARC in the letter and change the expression of “hearsay” for specifics and do not say that we have 70% success (we do not have scientific evidence of it).

2. Send a copy of the letter received from BBB to Mike Toth along with the proposed answer (corrected by you).

3. Get okay from the attorney

4. Send the letter (preferably by certified mail return receipt request). Check out this point with Mike Toth first.

If you send to Mike Toth the complete data, it should not take for him more than 10 minutes of his time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Despite Ms. Arcabascio’s internal memo, Narconon Fresh Start and Narconon Spring Hill claim a 76% success rate:



Despite these astounding success claims the actual contract clients must sign makes it clear that Narconon offers no guarantee:

Purif.20The Narconon “No Guarantee” clause is cut from the same shabby cloth as all the other Church of Scientology contracts: “The Tech produces miraculous results! However, your results may differ. “ We saw this recently with the Scientology Policy Directive “Statements by Staff Members.”


L. Ron Hubbard did not promise anything, and, Narconon guarantees nothing. The apple does not fall from the tree.

And just like the rest of the companies in the Scientology bad faith business empire, all Narconon contracts require customers to sign away their legal rights to sue Narconon and agree to arbitration:


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A Sample Of Karen’s Informative Video Series on the Secrets of Scientology


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