tiny Tommy’s PR team are beginning the long haul of trying to make him  look like a norm before his ‘The Mummy’ reboot PR perp walks…. notice how they’re taking a different approach by addressing his cult problems in a soft-soap PR way this time…. pffft, won’t work; with the amount of scientologists leaving his’church’ at an all time high with no sign slowing down we’re bound to get some inside guff on the demented ‘big being’s’ behaviour sooner or later …. man, imagine if a tape of him with Miscavige talking turns up… I mean, it’s not as if these recordings don’t already exist! 

scroll to the bottom to see another sneaky PR piece planted in a Jessica Chastain interview…

here are the tweets from the links above that outed her as a fame hungry clam

 Gossip Cop is pathetic 


There’s Been Another FoxHol Sighting….

April 4, 2017 / Posted by:

Like Tom Cruise spitting out a reasonable and sane thought, a FoxHol sighting is a rare one that doesn’t happen very often. The rumors about Jamie Foxx wet humping the thetans off of Katie Holmes started in 2013 and a new “sighting” or story about them pops up every now and again. Jamie Foxx has denied the rumors before, but it looks like FoxHol is a thing and they’re just keeping it on the down low. “Jamie’s ass would know a thing or two about the down low,” said every blind item believer.

When we last left FoxHol, they were on a romantic vacation in Mexico. And yesterday, the site Fameolousent posted a picture on Instagram of Katie and Jamie having dinner together in NYC on Sunday night. You can’t really see Jamie’s face in this picture, but it’s obviously him. I’d recognize his signature douche combo of a fedora and gradient lens sunglasses (indoors!) from a mile away. I was about to drag Katie Holmes for wearing a tacky and weird hat at dinner, but then I realized that’s a watermark. My shit eyesight almost did Katie Holmes wrong.

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There’s rumor that Katie hasn’t gone public with Jamie because when she quickie divorced Tommy in 2012, she signed a contract promising not to publicly date anyone for 5 years. That alleged promise expires this year. So that little dinner sighting could be FoxHol’s way of slowly inching out of the closet (“I see what you did there,” said the blind item believers, again). If that weird contract really exists and hasn’t completely expired yet, then Katie better hide somewhere no Scientologist will ever go, like a psychologist’s office or a weed shop. Because I’m sure the punishment for violating that contract is that she has to give her soul to Tommy and you know he’s going to collect. Katie, if you hear the clickety-clack sound of Tommy’s cha cha heels of doom coming your way, throw Prozac pills and gay people at him and RUUUUUN.

There’s Been Another FoxHol Sighting….

What ‘The Master’ Tells Us About Scientology

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A closer look at Paul Thomas Anderson’s handling of religion.

Throughout his filmography, Paul Thomas Anderson has covered a myriad of highly specific topics. Whether it’s Hard Eight’s focus on the gambling underworld, Boogie Nights’ portrayal of the pornography business, or There Will Be Blood’s handling of the oil industry, Anderson rejoices in exploring the nooks and crannies of the lives that exist within these strange worlds. His 2012 film The Master was no exception to this, and is perhaps the most dangerous example of them all.

Based heavily on the teachings of Scientology — as well as the life of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard — The Master explores the cryptic relationship between the unstable, primal sailor Freddie (Joaquin Phoenix) and the intellectual Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman). This relationship is dissected and observed in many ways throughout the film, but never as engrossingly as during Freddie’s “processing” scenes with Dodd. These sequences, based off the infamous “auditing” upon which Scientology is built, involve Dodd prying personal and psychological details from Freddie through a hypnotic interview process. The sequences also make for incredible two-shots, a specialty of Anderson’s cinematic palette.

Here to help us understand the complexities and specifics of how Anderson and The Master adapt Scientology is a new video from The Nerdwriter. Providing a detailed reading of the film itself while incorporating research on Scientology and its practices, the video is an insightful document that illuminates the hidden meaning of Anderson’s elusive opus.


… notice how this article’s header is all about what a good guy Cruise is… total bullshit plant by his management/PR team and nothing to do with Chastain herself (pass the sick bag, ed) 

Jessica Chastain Reveals How Tom Cruise Saved ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

Stephen Galloway
Jessica Chastain Reveals How Tom Cruise Saved ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

Jessica Chastain would never have made Zero Dark Thirty if it weren’t for one person: Tom Cruise.

“I got cold-called by [director] Kathryn Bigelow,” said the actress, describing how she first got word of the role as a CIA agent for the 2012 film. “I was in Toronto, and I had heard from [producer] Megan Ellison. We had done a film, [2012’s] Lawless, together. And she said, ‘By the way, do you know Kathryn Bigelow’s trying to get a hold of you? She wants to meet with you on something.’ And I was like, ‘What? Please give her my number.’ “

After speaking to Bigelow, she accepted the part even before reading the screenplay. But with the Mark Boal script in hand, she knew she had to make the film. That’s when she encountered trouble.

“I was signed to do another movie,” she continued. “I was contractually obligated to do something else that I was really wanting to do, and I was excited to do [the 2013 thriller Oblivion, starring Cruise]. But when this came my way, I realized I had to do this. And the person who made it possible for me to do this movie is Tom Cruise. Someone contacted him from my agency and said, ‘Listen, she wants to work with you. And she would love to, but there is this other film, and it’s so important.’ And he said, ‘OK, we’re going to let you out of your contract.’ “

The two have never worked together, said Chastain, but “I really hope to find something in the future to do with him because I’m very grateful.” She added, “I’ve seen him afterwards. And I was like, ‘Dude, you’re awesome!’ “

So is the character Chastain plays in her new movie, The Zookeeper’s Wife, based on the Diane Ackerman book about the real-life Antonina Zabinski, who saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazis by hiding them in her Warsaw zoo. The picture opened March 31. Chastain never got to meet Zabinski, who died in 1971, though she did speak to her daughter. But she has thought about whether she might do the same thing in similar circumstances.

“I think to answer that so easily diminishes the danger and the peril and the sacrifices that people made,” she said March 29, speaking at Loyola Marymount University, where she took part in the Hollywood Masters interview series. “I would like to think in every part of my being that I would have done the same thing. It was a big decision for them to make, This is why there was so much tragedy in that time period. You know, if you did anything to help, your children would be shot.”

While making Zookeeper’s Wife in 2015, Chastain wrote an impassioned article for The Hollywood Reporter on the pleasure of having so many women working on a movie.

Asked if anything’s changed since, she replied: “I haven’t witnessed big changes. The more we hold people accountable, that’s how you get action. It’s one thing to say, ‘Oh, thank you for talking about it,’ [but what matters is] what are you doing about it? All the studio heads who say, ‘You know, when I’m casting or I’m hiring a director for a film, they’re not on the list,’ well, if someone hands you a list that’s only male directors, it’s your job to say, ‘Can I please also have female directors on this list? Can you give me some diversity?’ You have to look at your life and say, ‘What can I do to put it in action?’ Because talk is cheap.”

She added: “Someone should write an article about [the] incredible filmmakers that I love, and look at their lives and their careers and say, ‘Have they ever made a movie about a woman?’ And that’s the sad thing, because there are many people I would love to work with [who haven’t].”

A transcript of the interview follows.

Read more: Jessica Chastain Talks Timeliness of ‘Zookeepers Wife’ at Premiere

STEPHEN GALLOWAY: In 2011, you were not widely known in the movie business, and suddenly you’re in Cannes with a movie called Tree of Life, and everybody knows your name. It wasn’t that long ago. What was that experience like?

JESSICA CHASTAIN: I knew at that moment it was life-changing. Because I was there with Tree of Life and with the film Take Shelter. Walking down that red carpet with Sean Penn holding one hand and Brad Pitt holding the other, and everyone’s like, “Who is this girl in the yellow dress? Who is this person?” I knew that that red carpet, after having that premiere, it would just be a turning point in my life.