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Jennifer Garner and Kendall Jenner Turning To Scientology? Jamie Packer Pulls Tommy...

Jennifer Garner and Kendall Jenner Turning To Scientology? Jamie Packer Pulls Tommy Davis Out Of His Rectum and Leaves Scientology

Leah Remini has earned a 2017 Emmy nomination for her high-profile Scientology series. The A&E exposé Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath scored a nomination for best informational series or special during Thursday’s announcement of the annual TV awards.After 34 years of devotion, Remini left the Church of Scientology in a highly publicized departure in 2013. Now, nearly four years after her exit, Remini is continuing to earn recognition for her plight.The controversial religion’s defector launched the unscripted series, of which she is an executive producer, late last year. Remini, who detailed the threats she received from the church ahead of the series’ launch that still continue today, confessed that everyone on her team told her not to do the show.”They want me to be an actress. They want me to do what I love to do,” she said during The Hollywood Reporter‘s Reality TV Roundtable. “Acting is something that I love to do, but this is my passion. They don’t want me to be known as someone who does a show about Scientology, but what am I going to do? Not do it?”The series ranked as cable’s top unscripted series among total viewers for 2016.

L to R: Eli Holzman, Matthew Belloni, Mike Rinder, Leah Remini and Aaron Saidman


Leah Remini on Pitching Her A&E Scientology Series: “I Said, ‘Don’t Be Pussies'”

The actress, who will also be reuniting with her King of Queens husband, Kevin James, on the second season of CBS’ Kevin Can Wait, said she simply couldn’t turn away from the potential to help people by shedding a light on the church and the aftermath members face when leaving it.

The series has been renewed for a 10-episode second season, with a premiere date yet to be announced. A&E Network also aired a two-hour special after the finale of the six-episode first season, Merchants of Fearin May.

“This is about showing the actual practices dictated by this policy of Scientology that demands for people to be destroyed,” Remini told THR. “That’s what we’re talking about. You can believe in whatever you want to believe in. You want to be a scientologist? That’s great, but don’t deny these are the practices of it that are hurting people.”

The Church asked that THR link to its website, which it claims “exposes the fraud behind Leah Remini’s bigoted hate-filled program.”

From left: Kris Jenner, Leah Remini, RuPaul, SallyAnn Salsano and W. Kamau Bell were photographed May 5 at Line 204 in Los Angeles.


Reality TV Roundtable: Leah Remini, RuPaul on Breaking Points and Facing “Haters”

Also nominated in the category was CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio, National Geographic’s StarTalk and HBO’s Vice.

The 2017 Emmys will broadcast Sept. 17 on CBS with host Stephen Colbert. For the full list of nominees, head here.

Leah Remini On Significance of Emmy Nomination For ‘Scientology’ Docuseries


A veteran actress known for her long-running arc on King of Queens, Leah Reminibroke through at the Emmys this year in a rather unusual way. With A&E docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, the EP took on a major religious institution veiled in shadows, calling it out for its alleged abuses.

If the Church of Scientology challenged and attempted to de-legitimize Remini in her making of the series, one can only imagine the response from the Church upon learning that the series had been nominated for an Emmy, casting it further into the spotlight.

For Remini, this recognition is “huge.”

“The show is inspired by Amy Scobee and her mother Bonny, who told her story from her hospice bed, and her wish was that we were able to stop Scientology and its disconnection policy from hurting families,” Remini shares. “I think we’ve done her a service, because people are now not thinking that Scientology is something to be looked at. It’s not something to make fun of and walk away from.”

“I think people have now said, ‘Hang on a second. This is actually their doctrine. This is actually what they follow, and it is not innocuous,’” she continues. “It is actually hurtful and damaging, and I’m grateful that our peers have taken a look at this show and seen the bravery of these people speaking out, because there are repercussions to their actions. It’s made me happy that voters are seeing the truth behind Scientology propaganda, and they have taken it in by even nominating us.”

is Kendall Jenner a secret scientologist?…. her stalker seems to think so!

Kendall Jenner gets restraining order against obsessed fan who sent her with alarming letters, wanted to marry her

Supermodel Kendall Jenner won a restraining order Wednesday against an obsessed fan who deluged her with creepy — and increasingly alarming — letters.The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star said southern California resident Thomas Hummel began sending her unsolicited letters in February and refused to stop when contacted by her lawyer and security team.”Recently, the letters have included disturbing and upsetting language and have taken on an increasingly hostile and threatening tone,” Jenner said in her filing obtained by the Daily News.She said Hummel flooded her with dozens of deliveries and seemed hellbent on making contact.”As a result of Mr. Hummel’s continued harassment of me, I have suffered, and continue to suffer, emotional distress,” she said in the paperwork signed July 7 and filed Wednesday.The Vogue cover model, 21, attached copies of the bizarre letters to the petition granted by a Los Angeles judge pending a follow-up hearing on Aug. 2.”I am in love with you. Will you call me please,” Hummel, 62, wrote in one short message signed and dated March 21.

Not Released (NR)

Model Kendall Jenner was sent a series of bizarre emails from an obsessed fan.


“Do you never call me because you hate me?” he wrote in a follow-up delivered in April.

Kendall sorry after Biggie’s estate threatens lawsuit over shirts

By May, his demeanor turned darker and more unhinged.

“Does your mother still pay AHOLE Rockhead one million dollars per week so you can have someone to sleep with?” he wrote, apparently referring to Jenner’s musician boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

“I assume Scientology doesn’t allow you to come clean about some things,” he said.

Hummel claimed he knew Jenner personally from meetings at a post office in Del Mar in 2008 and a Costco in 1998.

“No one has hurt my feelings as much as you have,” he wrote in another letter. “My guess is you simply like to be an internet whore, cackling your way through life.”

In June, he wrote about a cease and desist letter he received and asked if Jenner was being held “prisoner.”

“Is AHole Butt Head also harming you? I believe he may have been biting you,” Hummel wrote in a distressing dispatch received June 19. “If you call me I will ask you to come here and I would marry you.”

Hummel, a resident of Solana Beach, now must stay at least 100 yards away from Jenner and refrain from contacting or harassing her, according to the temporary restraining order.

He isn’t the first fixated fan to target Jenner.

Last summer, 26-year-old Shavaughn McKenzie slipped through the security gate at Jenner’s Hollywood Hills residence and accosted her as she cried and frantically dialed for help in her driveway.

McKenzie was convicted on a trespassing charge but acquitted of stalking after jurors heard he’d been diagnosed with a “psychotic disorder.”

“I was terrified,” the daughter of Caitlyn Jenner testified at McKenzie’s trial. “I was literally traumatized.”

Regraded Being


“My son is a high-quality person and I applaud his transparency” – Donald

Trump”I’m not Obi Wan Kenobi in charge of the Death Star” – Mike Ashley

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President and Senator Rock
Of all the unforgivable things Donald Trump has done in the last two years, the most unforgivable is kicking the door open for other celeb-types to enter politics.Sizeable bets are already being placed on The Rock to be the US President in 2020, with Mark Zuckerberg and Kanye also thought to be keen on running. But it looks like celebs are not just taking over the top of the ticket.

Kid Rock is running for Senate in Michigan – against Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow.

Every time Uri Geller meets a VIP, he bends a spoon for them which he then takes home and sticks to his big silver car.
>> Vanishing Jack <<
More locker room talk
After November’s election result, someone who organised a monthly event at Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club decided to make a stand – and switched all his bookings to a different venue.Soon after he had done so, the event organiser was most surprised to receive a handwritten letter from the president-elect himself, begging him to keep his bookings at the golf club.

Even though he wasn’t a member, the letter promised a whole load of extras to entice him back. Trump offered him his own locker at the club – free of charge. And not only that, but it would be in a prized position: next to the locker of none other than Jack Nicholson!

Not especially convinced, but a little intrigued, he made some enquiries at the golf club about Jack Nicholson’s membership. Only to be told that, no, famous Hollywood Democrat Jack Nicholson wasn’t a member, but Donald Trump had written a similar letter to Mr Nicholson offering him a locker at the golf club too.

(And no, Jack didn’t go for it either.)

Donald Trump Jr’s lawyer is the bass-trombonist of the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony.
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Who’s asking what this week?
On a flight to Australia back in the late 80s/early 90s, one traveller got talking to a now-deceased Tory MP. The conversation resulted in the politician asking for some tips for Sydney entertainment. The guy gave him a list of restaurants and bars and, just for fun, he handed the Tory MP a business card bearing the details of his favourite gay brothel as they deplaned.He thought nothing of it but a couple of weeks later the guy got a call from the owner of the brothel. Anticipating a telling off for not having paid a visit yet he explained, “Sorry. I just haven’t had time, but I will drop in before I leave.”

“That’s not why I’m calling,” said his old friend. “I just wanted to thank you for introducing the guy you met on the plane. He’s been in every day…”

The question is: who? Answers to [email protected]

Gangnam Style by Psy is no longer the most viewed music video on YouTube. It’s now See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.
>> Chancelled <<
Saving for a rainy day
It’s become a chummy little joke that multi-millionaire former MP George Osborne is taking up any old job that isn’t nailed down at the moment – but no-one seems to have stopped to ask why.Why would a man who earns £650,000 for 48 days work a year as an advisor to BlackRock need to edit a London newspaper too? Why would a man who earned £628,000 giving speeches last year need to teach a course in economics at the University of Manchester?

Colleagues at the Evening Standard are telling everyone who’ll listen that he’s going to need every penny. Divorce can be a very expensive business these days…

Lobby hacks more used to seeing government plots and backbiting are heartwarmed by just how well Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson seems to be getting on with Theresa May’s former adviser Fiona Hill.
>> Thick stunt <<
He knows what he likes
Petra Ecclestone’s soon-to-be-ex-husband is fast becoming one of our favourite people.James Stunt visited a Mayfair art gallery (with a four-car strong entourage) and became very interested in one of the paintings on show. It was of a zebra. “How much for the giraffe picture?” he asked. The curator, knowing better than to correct a potential customer, played along and gave him a price.

Stunt bought it, for quite a large sum, and continually referred to it as “the giraffe painting”.

FYI: The business Stunt has always claimed made him a fortune? Art dealing…

LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT WILLPOWER: Popbitch readers have been loving Slimpod… “From the first listen things changed. My attitude to what I’m eating – and how much – have been turned upside down…I’m thrilled.” The promo code POPBITCH gets you 20% off any programme.
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Watch out, Chairman Meow
While it seems that the infighting and brawling within the Labour party has died down a bit in the last few weeks, the problems haven’t ended for Jeremy Corbyn.His cat, El Gato, is still trying to run the mean streets of Islington North, by beating up all the neighborhood cats and refusing to share its food.

Corbyn has tried to reason with the cat (literally on one occasion saying “That’s not very socialist, El Gato” to it) but it’s apparently falling on deaf ears.

Johnny Depp tried to get a selfie with Corbyn at Glastonbury but it was thought that it wasn’t “a good look”.
>> Poos of the world <<
More celebrity crappers
Big Ben writes:
“Iain Duncan Smith has a downstairs loo decorated with every nasty cartoon and headline from his troubled period as leader of the Tories. It’s literally a shit room.”
Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 in LA uses one of those MTV VMA astronaut awards as a bogroll holder.
>> Bad press <<
Ready, Haim, Fired
Paranoia about the media appears to be catching in the US, and pop group Haim are starting to get quite the reputation among journalists.One hack was actually in the air on the way to LA when the band pulled out of doing the profile. Another had their interview rearranged five times on two continents before ultimately being cancelled. (They take revenge in a one star album review this week.)

Haim’s team also knocked back one photographer from a shoot because their background in shooting rap and rock bands meant they queried how well he’d be able to do justice to a female band.

All this despite their wide critical acclaim and a new album at number one in the midweeks. No wonder the PRs for the new album have already quit.

Kylie’s recent fiancé Joshua Sasse was born in the same month she released I Should Be So Lucky.
>> Cock block <<
Dating advice for the stars
Now Jamie Redknapp seems to be back on the market he might want to take notice of what one of his conquests has been telling friends.Namely that wearing those super-tight suits has meant his cock is a little more, er, how shall we say… “fragrant” than women tend to enjoy.
Lee Ryan has been loudly giving restaurant recommendations to people on Marylebone High Street. (He really loves pizza, by the way.)
>> Old friends <<
Emin: a blast from the past
One of the strangest things to emerge out of the whole Donald Trump Jr imbroglio is the fact that the Russian business contact who advised him to meet the Russian lawyer stooge to talk Clinton dirt was Emin Agalarov.

The son of a Russian oligarch and the ex-son-in-law of the President of Azerbaijan, Emin had but one burning desire: to take his minor pop career in Russia and turn it into fame in the USA and UK.

Back in 2010 we got to hang out with Emin for a while, when he was in London making and releasing an album over here. It’s kinda weird that the Russian who might cause the downfall of the Trumps is the same guy we saw belting out a bad cover of a Nick Carter solo track in the ballroom of the Savoy while the hotel’s fire alarm raged around us (it was a pretty weird night) – but here we are…

Watch Emin discuss his record collection (and his passion for Sade) with us.
[See on YouTube]

THIS WEEK’S MEDIA MASTERS PODCAST: Ian Bremmer, Editor-at-Large TIME magazine, on how Trump, Brexit, the refugee crises and ISIS are making this the worst geopolitical environment since World War II
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Big Bird, Glamma Kid, otters
Sesame Street takes on the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage
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Q/ What time does Sean Connery arrive at Wimbledon?
A/ Tennish


Will Kelly Preston walk out on John Travolta?

Kelly Preston is said to be at breaking point.

Friends fear shocking allegations about John Travolta’s close relationship with another man may lead his wife of 26 years, Kelly Preston, to call time on their marriage.

Last week, a US publication claimed the actor’s former business manager believes John has been in a secret relationship with a male sailor since 1985.

Although John is yet to comment on the allegations 
and there is little proof of the claims, those close to the couple fear it could be the final straw for Kelly, adding that their marriage is already on shaky ground.

It’s not the first scandal they’ve weathered either.

John, 63, has been the centre of several gay affair allegations over the years, first when he 
was snapped kissing his children’s male nanny Jeff Kathrein in 2006 as he boarded a plane, and again 
in 2014 when his former pilot Doug Gotterba claimed the 
two had engaged in 
a long-running affair.

At the time, John’s team explained that’s how the star greets all his friends and claimed that Jeff’s wife was also on board the plane.

In 2014, the Grease star and devout Scientologist addressed the long-running rumours around his personal life.

“This is every celebrity’s Achilles heel. It’s just about people wanting money. That’s all. It happens on many levels,” John said at the time.

In 2006 John was pictured kissing his children’s male nanny,**Jeff Kathrein**.
In 2006 John was pictured kissing his children’s male nanny,Jeff Kathrein.

But while Kelly, 54, has always stood by John’s side, friends fear she may have had enough of defending him.

“These new public 
claims about yet another secret lover are a huge embarrassment for Kelly,” 
a source says.

With an estimated $360 million fortune and two children Ella, 17, and Benjamin, six – their eldest child Jett tragically passed away in 2009 at the age of 16 – the split could get messy.

With a massive fortune, a split between John and Kelly could get messy.
With a massive fortune, a split between John and Kelly could get messy.

However, family friends say they’re confident the couple would be able to keep things civil if the worst case scenario did arise.

“I think they’ll be able to divide their assets without things getting nasty,” says the source.

“John has always been very generous with Kelly.”