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Jenna Elfman Forced To Realise She’s Actually A Looney Scientology Harpie In...

Jenna Elfman Forced To Realise She’s Actually A Looney Scientology Harpie In Disastrous Reddit AMA


Where Did Jenna Elfman Go Wrong?

It may seem hard to believe, but it’s been almost 20 years since Jenna Elfman first got TV viewers’ attention as free-spirited yoga instructor Dharma Finkelstein in Dharma & Greg, which debuted in the fall of 1997. It wasn’t Elfman’s first series; in 1996, she was on the short-lived sitcom Townies. But as Dharma, Elfman showed what she was capable of when given the right material. She won a Golden Globe in 1999 for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical, and also picked up 3 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series during the show’s five season run.

“Elfman was a big part of why I stuck [with the show],” says entertainment writer Will Harris, who writes for The A.V. Club and “She was cute and goofy, but not so goofy that she couldn’t credibly shift from cute to sexy during the more serious moments.” More than anything, Elfman was approachable and the perfect yin to the uptight yang of Thomas Gibson’s character Greg Montgomery, who fell in love with Dharma despite the disapproval of his old-money parents. She was one of the prototypes of the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”, ten years before Nathan Rabin coined the phrase.

But since the Chuck Lorre sitcom ended in 2002, Elfman hasn’t been able to catch a break. Not only has a burgeoning film career gone south – I’ve got two words for you: Krippendorf’s Tribe – but every series in which she’s been cast has been a failure, both critically and with audiences.

Including the recently-debuted Imaginary Mary, Elfman has top-lined five series since playing Dharma. And it looks like her post-Dharma streak won’t be broken with her latest series; reviews have been dismal and its first airing in its regular Tuesday slot only attracted about 3.5 million viewers.

So what’s gone wrong for Elfman? Here are a few factors to consider:

She’s being miscast.

1600 Penn - Season 1
In ‘1600 Penn,’ Jenna Elfman played the FLOTUS to Bill Pullman’s POTUS. Photo: NBC

In a couple of her failed sitcoms, 2006’s Courting Alex and 2009’s Accidentally on Purpose, she plays hard-charging career women who have to deal with issues in their personal lives – in the former show, a father (Dabney Coleman) who wants her to settle down with the “right” man and in the latter, a pregnancy that was the result of a one-night-stand. It felt like, in both sitcoms, writers seemed to go against the type Elfman had set on D&G; instead of quirky, they thought she could play a more straightforward role and have her comedic skills make up the personality difference.

“I think she’s talented and can be funny and charming, though she’s talented in such a precise, narrow range of dry adorability that she has to be cast JUST right,” says Phillip Deyss-Nugent, who has written for Uproxx, The AV Club and Critics at Large. In her two most recent attempts, 2012’s 1600 Penn and 2014’s Growing Up Fisher, she plays harried and overwhelmed mothers, both of which didn’t fit her, either. Even as the First Lady in 1600 Penn, she seemed out of place trying to keep things together as her kids seemed to have their run of the White House. While we can see Elfman being a great mom to her two IRL children, that experience just didn’t come across in her performance.

She’s picking bad shows.

Photo: ABC

If there is a trend about most of Elfman’s shows, is that their networks didn’t have a ton of confidence in them; four of Elfman’s five post-D&G sitcoms debuted in midseason. None of the shows have been outright bad, per se, but they have been disappointing and/or unmemorable.

For instance, despite the presence of Josh Gad in the cast and the writers’ room, 1600 Penn was stunningly unfunny. And Growing Up Fisher was boosted by the gruff presence of J.K. Simmons, who was coming off his Oscar-winning performance in Whiplash. While that show was funny at times — Simmons and Elfman played divorced parents trying to find their way as single parents — it still never resonated with audiences.

“I thought both shows seemed plausible, from a distance, until you tried to watch them, and she was far from the most talented performer on either of them, though now I can’t remember a single thing she did on either show,” says Deyss-Nugent.

Imaginary Mary comes closer to taking advantage of Elfman’s talents; even though her character of Alice is a hard-charging owner of a PR agency who had a crappy family life as a kid, Adam F. Goldberg, David Guarascio and Patrick Osborne have written her as just awkward enough to not know how to handle being in a relationship with Ben (Stephen Schneider), who has three kids.

The show had potential to be a decent comedy about a person in her 40s dealing with having an instant family when the idea of family is foreign to her, but it’s pretty much derailed by the presence of the title character (voiced by Rachel Dratch), the childhood imaginary friend Alice dredges back up to help her cope. The CGI furball adds nothing except unfunny snark that makes the show more of a wall of noise than anything else. ABC knew it likely had a dud, considering it reduced the episode order from 13 to 9 and waited until late March to debut it.

She’s not working with Chuck Lorre.

The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Women In Entertainment Breakfast In Los Angeles
Photo: Getty Images

Let’s face facts: some showrunners just know how to write for certain actors. Just ask all of the folks who are making a mint on The Big Bang Theory or the person who shines up Allison Janney’s Emmys from Mom; Lorre isn’t the current king of sitcoms for nothing. He and his team know how to use the talents of the people they have instead of trying to shoehorn people into the roles they’ve written.

“Apparently one of [Lorre’s] other career accomplishments is that he’s seemingly the only one capable of writing a long-running sitcom for Jenna Elfman,” jokes Harris.

People still remember Dharma.

DHARMA & GREG, Jenna Elfman, 1st Season, 1997-present. TM and Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Co
Photo: Everett Collection

This is why Elfman keeps getting shows, 15 years after her hit sitcom ended. Fans of Dharma & Greg, which stayed in syndication and on cable for a number of years after its original run, recall how original Elfman’s performance was. Some of those fans have have landed their own TV series, or are network executives who fell in love with her when they were teenagers; either way, they think they’re the ones who can recapture the magic.

“She still looks remarkably similar to the way she looked when she was doing Dharma & Greg, and a lot of people watched it, which means that they still recognize her immediately,” says Harris. “I’m sure that instant recognition factor goes a long way.”

So, like that pitcher who loses 20 games on a bad team because he’s too good to take out of the rotation, Jenna Elfman and her fans should take solace in the fact that, after two decades, she’s still good enough to keep getting jobs. Just needs the right job to come along. Does she need to play a middle-aged version of Dharma? Absolutely not. But if she can play someone as intriguing as Alice in Imaginary Mary without being dragged down by a distracting cartoon co-star, it’ll be a good start.

Joel Keller (@joelkeller) writes about food, entertainment, parenting and tech, but he doesn’t kid himself: he’s a TV junkie. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Slate, Salon,,, Fast Company’s Co.Create and elsewhere.

guess what, they removed my comment

and here she was stupid enough to give a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything)…

Hi Everyone – Excited for you to ask me anything! I star as Alice in the new comedy “œImaginary Mary”, which airs Tuesday nights at 9:30/8:30c on ABC. I started my career as a professional dancer, appearing in music videos by Depeche Mode and Anthrax, and danced on the 1991 Academy Awards live broadcast, choreographed by Debbie Allen. I am best known for my role as Dharma in the hit television series “œDharma and Greg”. I live in Los Angeles with my husband, Bodhi, and two young sons. I film a video podcast with my husband Bodhi called “œKicking and Screaming” in which we humorously discuss our 20 year marriage together.

You can follow me on Twitter (@JennaElfman), Instagram (@jennaelfman), Facebook ( and my website:

the questions/comments speak for themselves, lol

Jenna Elfman Reddit AMA Scientology Disaster

Scientologist Jenna Elfman made the mistake of thinking Reddit users give a fuck about her ABC series Imaginary Mary. The former celebrity was trolled hard during an AMA or “Ask Me Anything” by Redditors wanting to know what fucking Xenu is like.

Elfman didn’t want to be asked about “anything.” She wanted to be asked about the experience of starring on one of the lowest rated shows on network television is like. Or maybe she wanted to be asked what looking like a baby between Kaley Cuoco and a thousand-year-old chipmunk is like. She did not want to be asked about letting the Space Gods enter her vaginal cortex. Questions such as “When you are on vacation do you visit volcanoes or are you too scared to be close to the Thetans?” and “Can you blink twice if they are watching you?” remain unanswered.

The 45-year-old made matters worse by exclusively fielding pandering questions generated by accounts created the day of the AMA. Redditors called these out as fake. Because they were.  One commenter asked: “Jenna, why did all the new accounts leave at the same time you did? Are y’all having a fire drill on the boat?” Tom Cruise and John Travolta were working as fast as they could asking questions pertaining to Elfman’s beauty secrets and family life. They could have typed faster if they weren’t each using one hand to finger blast the other.   

Elfman’s career died when Dharma & Greg ended in 2002 and she started more heavily into weird Psychiatry is Torture Museum openings on behalf of never-ending Dianetics royalties. Since then she’s limped onto some of the bleakest television sets in history. Religion keeps sad people from killing themselves. Scientology allows forgotten celebrities to credit card purchase a false sense of acceptance. Reddit was a reality check for Elfman. Hopefully she made it high enough on the “Bridge to Total Freedom” to not be reborn as another shitty actress.

Jenna Elfman’s Disastrous Reddit AMA Flooded By Scientology Questions

more on Jenna Elfman’s cunty ways 


Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Might Finally Be Ready To Go Public

April 13, 2017 / Posted by:

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have allegedly been a secret couple for more than three and a half years, and sneaking around for that long has got to be a killer on your spine. Yes, I picture Katie and Jamie sneaking around to and from their clandestine dinners and Mexican vacations all hunched over on their tip-toes. If UsWeekly’s recent source is correct, Katie might be ready to stand up straight and walk around proudly with her not-secret-boyfriend Jamie Foxx.

A source claims that Katie and Jamie are finally ready to “go public.” Katie used to be worried about the public attention dating Jamie would bring. The source goes on to say that Katie is tired of playing the “hiding game“, like traveling in tinted-windowed cars and using secret back elevators to meet Jamie. Apparently their first outings as an out couple will be more public dinners and a trip to Europe.

UsWeekly’s source says that Katie is ready to go public, but you know there’s a bunch of people thinking, “Uh huh, you mean her conditions of her divorce say she’s ready.” But I think she is ready and I hope that when they do go public, they do it up big to reward us for caring about their secret relationship for so damn long. Sure, they worked hard not to get caught. But we worked hard to make them a thing, like giving them a corny couple name even though they never officially came out as one. At the very least, they should acknowledge that by making their debut in front of a fox hole, maybe while holding two foxes. Please, I don’t ask for much. Just give me this

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Might Finally Be Ready To Go Public

popbitch lulz

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* Rupert Murdoch’s channel crossing
* Celebrity crackdown at BBC
* Charts: Harry v Ed for no 1

>> Product displacement <<
MacKenzie faces double chop

If you’re one of the remaining
few who can still bear to read
Kelvin MacKenzie’s column in the
Sun, you’ll maybe have wondered
why he’s been mentioning his
price comparison website, A
Spokesman Said, so much. Well,
it’s because he desperately
needs it to take off.

Kelv is facing an expensive
divorce. Remember a couple of
years back we reported that
he was having an affair with
a secretary at the Sun, and
was all set to shack up with
her until getting cold feet
at the last minute? His wife
has finally decided to give
him the boot and is set to
take him to the cleaners.

Presumably the reason he’s
working the self-promotion
angle so hard is that he knows
Rebekah Brooks is aching to bin
his 300K a year column – cutting
costs and helping to detoxify
the Sun’s brand in one easy
move. He’s hanging on by a
thread (thanks to support from
editor Tony Gallagher and owner
Rupert Murdoch) so is almost
literally trying to make hay
while the Sun shines.

Supreme Court judges Antonin
Scalia and Elena Kagan used to
watch episodes of Veep together.

>> Brown no’s <<
Doors closing for Dylan

Poor Dylan Jones. He stuffed
his tongue so far up David
Cameron’s arse that he almost
slipped a disc, but what has
it got him?

Despite putting his name to
a crawling book of interviews
with the man himself, Jones is
still waiting for Cameron to
come good on the peerage he so
desperately wants – but the
ceaseless bumlicking hasn’t
even reaped Jones a cushy job
in the meantime.

It didn’t do him any favours
at Vogue House (the workplace
of SamCam’s sister) as the
application he put in for the
job of editor was turned down.

It didn’t do him any favours
at Northcliffe House either,
as he applied for the Evening
Standard job too, but lost out
to George Osborne.

Actress Catherine Hickland was
married to David Hasselhoff for four
years in the 1980s. She left him to
marry a man named Michael Knight.

>> Big Questions <<
On the grapevine this week

Which former cabinet minister
likes to really ramp up romps
with his wife by whispering
this killer line into her ear:

“Do you want more…?
Because there is more.”

Liz Jones’ review of Damien Hirst’s
Venice exhibition: she liked it
until it “all became a bit ground-
floor of Harrods”.

Celebrity crackdown <<

BBC nearly removes the Sting

Security has been tightened at
the BBC. New measures have just
come into force at the old
Broadcasting House which stop
people from entering reception
unless they have a pass (even if
that pass is waiting for them at
reception) and requires guests to
have their photo taken (to stop
imposters using any old pass).

The very first day of this new
system was highly successful.
Security apprehended three
people trying to get access to
Steve Wright’s studio without
the necessary paperwork.

Thankfully, crisis was averted,
the trespassers were processed
in full, and there will be no
charges pressed against Morgan
Freeman, Michael Caine or Sting.

RIP Don Rickles. Channel 4’s
tribute to him the day he died?
Screening The Simpsons episode
where Homer hits him with his car.

Blind rage <<

A bad first date

Seems as if it’s not just us
who thought the new prizes on
Blind Date are a heap of old
shit. Even host Paul O’Grady
got rather withering during
filming when he discovered
they were sending winning
contestants on dates to hipster
hobbies rather than the
Caribbean or somewhere sexy.

“Junkyard golf? Ping-pong?
It’s like a super-Christian
date, or a day out for people
in prison or rehab.”

Want more Popbitch for the long
weekend? We’ve compiled a selection
of long reads and stupid shorts
from our third year of publishing
Popbitch Magazine – and it’s free
for everyone. Download it now!

>> Channel crossing <<
It’s bad for what Ailes ya

Operating a multichannel media
network has worked out pretty
well for Rupert Murdoch, but
sitting at the helm of such
an unwieldy, sprawling beast
is not without its perils.

The US cable network Showtime
has acquired the rights to a
show called Secure and Hold:
The Last Days of Roger Ailes
– a mini-series which explores
the Fox News sexual harassment
scandal that led to Ailes’
dismissal last summer.

It’s bad enough for Rupert that
his friend/Fox News co-founder
will be the subject of a high-
profile sexual harassment drama
(especially given the current
claims of misconduct surrounding
Fox host Bill O’Reilly).

It’s compounded by the fact that
the show’s source material is
reportage from New York Magazine
(a publication once owned by
Rupert Murdoch).

But the cherry on top? Showtime
has a deal with Sky to air
their new programmes. Which means
that Murdoch is going to have to
broadcast the show here in the
UK – on his very own channel.

Stephen Sondheim used to set the
crossword puzzles in New York
Magazine in the late 1960s.

Silly burgers <<

Keith in the community

Following in the esteemed
footsteps of David Van Day,
Keith Allen is getting into
the burger flipping business.
He’s opening up a diner-style
restaurant in Stroud, and is
currently elbow deep in the

Keith is a bit of a fixture
on the Stroud scene. Friends
and neighbours remember with
fondness the time he compered
a gig at one of the local pubs.
He did a fine job, but the bit
people loved most with when he
forgot that his mic was still
on and went upstairs to get
stuck into (what sounded like)
a huge line of coke.

See Keith in his DIY gear:

Popbitch’s favourite Turkish tattoo
artist? Anıl Oral of the Manastir
Parlour in Kadikoy.

Theatrical exit <<

The show can’t go on

Obviously there’s never a great
time to drop down dead, but the
demise of Tim Pigott-Smith has
really put the tin lid on an
ill-starred production of Death
Of A Salesman in Northampton.

During rehearsals earlier this
month, Tim fell out with one of
the actors in the cast. This
same actor then (completely
accidentally) broke Mrs Piggot-
Smith’s femur while the two of
them were rehearsing a scene.

She went to hospital, and the
previews were pushed back two
days while her understudy
could be drafted in.

However, this incident rather
inflamed the tension on set
and in order for Tim to agree
to continue starring in the
play, the other actor had to be
paid off. For the entire run.

Then, three days before the
show was finally due to open
– with one actor let go and
another in hospital with a
broken leg – Tim died.

Incidentally, the show’s director
was one James Dacre. Son of Paul.

Birds of a feather <<

…work together

Remember Ben Thatcher? The
former Man City defender who
attacked Portsmouth midfielder
Pedro Mendes so badly that he
got himself investigated by
the police? He’s now head of
football talent at a renowned
media agency.

M&C Saatchi, to be precise.
The agency famously set up
by Charles Saatchi.

What an extraordinarily
good fit!

A YouGov poll this week found that
just over a quarter of UKIP voters
think that sex with animals should
not be illegal.

Clubbed to death <<

D’ya wanna be in our gang?

Once a private members club
that would pride itself on its
strict admissions policy, the
Groucho Club has now got people
cold-calling around theatreland
to drum up members. One club
habitué was rather surprised
to get a phone call last week
asking if they fancied membership
to the Groucho as they could
do them a special deal.

Planning a summer holiday? It’s
got to be worth going to see that
Cristiano Ronaldo sculpture –
this takes you there:

>> Hmmms <<
Badgers, baboons, funk


Someone’s opened up a
Badger vs Baboon themed
guest house in Ibiza:

Speaking of which, we fancy
the badger’s chances a lot
more after seeing this:

The world’s funkiest records?

Local news story of
the week:

If you’ve not yet heard the
half hour re-edit of George
Michael’s Fastlove, do it:

Drones filming people
boning (NSFW):

Mexican dogs eating ice cream:

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DB, deep_stoat, IM, PK, JE, SM, DA,
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Old Jokes Home:
Q/ Why was the buck rabbit thrown
out of the square dance?

A/ He was caught doing a dosey-
doe in the corner.

Still Bored?
Automation taking jobs again;
there’s a new sex doll only
brothel in Barcelona:

  • Intergalactic Walrus

    David Miscavige was right. She did look like Linda Blair from The Excorcist…

  • Intergalactic Walrus

    Hey Lush, I just happened to be looking up information on a $cientologist quack chiropractor who has an office on Hollywood Blvd, and look what I found on his website. Jenna is there shilling in his “celebrity success stories”. HA!

    • one of the most amazing rabbit holes I went down was discovering all the directorships Bohdi Elfman had for ‘rental properties’ close to Clearwater and around the US … I managed to spoof my way into/via Wiseman & Burke [if I remember the name rightly] and just kept on clicking on links to find more and more properties he was president/director of… some of them were whole apartment blocks. Obviously my access is denied now but my thoughts at the time were ‘so that’s how the minor celebs are making money out of the clam steeple, they’re their slum landlords… I reckon Krustie would be up to her neck in this crap as well…

      • Intergalactic Walrus

        And Danny Masterson too. He got sued by a bank over some hinky building loan to build condos without a permit or something, IIRC. If there is a clam and money involved it’s almost always sketchy.

        • … that bullshit with Derek’s parents and Krustie… that clam ‘ceeb’ money management company better incinerate everything before someone grabs their records as I’m sure they would be dynamite …