“Gossip Cop” getting it completely wrong here… which essentially confirms their site is pretty much bullshit [their ‘sources’ are in their head, ed]

we’ve already proved Gossip Cop is useless bullshit… but they’re probably right on this one [more’s the same, ed]


the crazy thing is that I’ve seen quite a few videos showing scientologists “confronting SP’s” and accusing them of being a paedophile… quite loudly in the middle of the street in fact; I guess this is standard teaching in their “shatter and confront” technique nowadays… yeah, and they call themselves a church!

Been there seen that. The behaviour of the Scientologists around Saint Hill is seriously weird. It mostly involves pointing cameras at you as if they are going to incinerate you if they can only maintain focus for long enough.

In the same place that the lad was canvassing vox pop people approached us and were happy to complain about Scientologists – and point out all of the property they owned.

Whoever this lad is, he did a bloody good job. Love the taxi driver…….

When they started surreptitiously taking pictures of us in the town centre, I astonished myself by crossing the road and returning the compliment, much closer, with an unmissable SLR camera.

They pretended I wasn’t there, then quietly left. It’s only when you are outside of Saint Hill and they’re inside that they operate openly. I think they have to maintain the illusion to themselves &/or their supervisors (who were sitting at table outside a nearby cafe, watching and directing their ‘operatives’) that they are OT Ninjas – and the only way that can do that is act as if they haven’t been spotted.

I’ve seen the vitamin shop, too. Guess which organisation which loves saunas is a major customer……. My impression is how old all of the Scientologists were – and not ageing well, neither. It’s a town heavily influenced by Scientology – but only from behind the scenes. In my limited experience there’s not the direct ‘confront’ that you see in videos from the US.

Hey! Guess who is getting their very own cable station? It is the Scientologists! Spectrum Cable (formerly Time Warner), has blocked out a channel for Scientology Media Productions, and programming is expected to start this summer. Just as we all have always dreamed!

This isn’t terrifically surprising, and is very likely a reaction to the success of Leah Remini’s show “Scientology and the Aftermath” (which, YAY, is getting another season!). It’s gotta be pretty hard to recruit anyone who has seen or heard about that show, so they probably think that they can counter the effects of it with shows of their own.

Tony Ortega reports that Scientology president guy David Miscavige announced his plans for the cable station at an event last year, all of which sound incredibly compelling:

Meanwhile, that same tipster managed to attend Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Event earlier this month, and said that during his two-hour presentation, Miscavige said that the cable station was coming this summer.

At the event, Miscavige ran down a list of shows which would be appearing on SCNTV, including programming by Freedom magazine, 9 hours of L. Ron Hubbard biographical episodes, the “Meet a Scientologist” series, episodes about each Ideal Org, and videos about the church’s “Fourth Dynamic Campaigns” — in other words, outreach and expansion.

So far there are only a few shows listed on their spectrum page, but they all sure sound pretty thrilling! The list includes such future classics as “What is Scientology, Drug Free World, Detox from Street Psychiatric Drugs, Youth for Human Rights, The Hubbard Electro Meter, What is Real Education, An Overview of Scientology, and ‘Amazing.’”

What else will their programming include? I have some guesses!

The Real Former Housewives of Scientology — in which secret cameras record the every action of people who have left the church. Without their consent, but maybe with their knowledge.

Walk the Plank — In which contestants have to swim for their lives after being thrown off a boat, a venerated Scientology tradition.

The Scientologist Apprentice — In which Sea Org members compete for the opportunity to alphabetize Tom Cruise’s spice rack while being repeatedly whipped by a superior.

Too Many Thetans! — A family-centered sitcom about a Dad who has too many body thetans, which result in many wacky adventures. It’s sort of like “Herman’s Head,” except with body thetans.

Tom Cruise’s Couch — A daily talk show in which Tom Cruise interviews himself while jumping on a couch.

Cruise of Love — Sea Org Members compete to be Tom Cruise’s next love interest. Challenges include smiling blankly at paparazzi and assuring people you are not brainwashed.

Oh Shit, THEY’RE Scientologists? — A show profiling the people you really wish were not Scientologists because you like them otherwise, like Beck and Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi. Oh, and Nancy Cartwright.

John Travolta: The Most Super Heterosexualest Man In All The World — Cameras follow John Travolta around as he does all the most super hetero things you can imagine. After watching, you will be all like “Oh man, that sure is a person who likes to have sex with women!”

That New Jenna Elfman Show Where She Has An Imaginary Friend Or Something?
— I have seen a lot of advertisements for this show. It looks horrible and I assume it will be canceled after a few episodes, so maybe they should just pick it up now.

10 Things We Hate About Leah Remini — In which various people who know or did not know Leah Remini but definitely heard some stuff, discuss all the “crimes” they claim she committed.

The Hole — Sort of a cross between Survivor and Orange Is The New Black, in which Sea Org members who have committed transgressions fight for survival in The Hole, which totally does not exist.

Where In The World Is Shelley Miscavige? — HAHA Just kidding she’s totally fine you guys can all stop looking for her now.

Show Me The Money! — A game show (hosted by Tom Cruise, duh) in which contestants compete to give the Church of Scientology the most money, and pay to find out the answers to questions. There is no prize.

Please feel free to share your own show ideas in the comments. If there is anything we know about the Scientologists, it is that they are always watching — so hey, maybe they’ll take some of our suggestions!
Read more at https://wonkette.com/614767/lets-help-scientologists-make-tv-shows-for-their-great-new-channel#RW7rgh9gbCYwkeLR.99

Since the suspicious death of my twenty-year-old son Kyle on February 16, 2007,I’ve been trying to discover what really happened that evening. Kyle passed away in the apartment of his Scientologist father, Tom Brennan, in Clearwater, Florida, site of the headquarters of the Church of Scientology.

The Clearwater police claimed Kyle’s death was a suicide. All of the actual evidence, however—or rather the conspicuous lack of evidence—leads to another conclusion. What evidence was lacking? My son’s fingerprints weren’t on the weapon. In fact, there were no fingerprints on the weapon. Kyle’s hands were tested for gunshot residue—a GSR test—but the lead investigator blocked the test from being processed. Additionally, the bullet that ended my son’s life was never found. Without fingerprints on the weapon, without the GSR test results, and without the bullet, it’s impossible to know for certain who pulled the trigger. Without that evidence it’s also impossible to say that the weapon found at the crime scene was the actual weapon used.

The investigation into Kyle’s death conducted by Detective Stephen Bohling was riddled with conflicts of interest and mishandled police procedures. Bohling’s subsequent police report is full of half-truths and outright lies. Facts critical to the case were omitted.

In 2012 I had an expert criminologist analyze Detective Bohling’s work, how the investigation was conducted and the conclusions that can be drawn from his police report. He concluded that Bohling’s investigation was a farce. He noted that, because of Bohling’s seemingly purposeful mishandling of the case, and the myriad sophomoric lies told by the defendants—obvious lies that were unquestioned, unpursued by the police—“it is evident that there is a connection between the Church of Scientology and the Clearwater Police Department.”

The Clearwater Police Department’s investigation into my son’s death was a travesty of justice. Of that there is no question. Also indisputable is the criminality of Tom Brennan and two of the other defendants: Gerald Gentile and Denise Miscavige Gentile (the twin sister of the Church of Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige). These three miscreants lied to police officials, gave incorrect and false information, tampered with evidence, and committed perjury.

Irrefutable documentation regarding the mishandling of the case and the criminal actions of the defendants has been submitted to the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (the FDLE).

My son Kyle deserves to have his day in court. To this day, the combined efforts of the Church of Scientology and the Clearwater Police Department have succeeded in silencing anyone speaking up on his behalf. Every day that passes, my heart breaks anew over my son’s sad fate, and especially the shabby treatment he received at the hands of those sworn to “serve and protect.” There needs to be accountability for those who believe they’re above the rule of law.

It is my hope that someone with new information pertaining to the events of February 16, 2007, will step forward. If someone has information—no matter how trivial—pertaining to Kyle or the above defendants, please contact me. What you know could make a huge difference.

If you have any questions contact Victoria at: vbreton2062 (at) gmail.com.

Plea for information!