Joy Villa must be Miscavige’s dream… someone so genuinely deluded and fame hungry that they’re willing to do anything to forward their cult cause… Xenu knows how she’ll handle it when her cognitive dissonance stops working… I bet you anything she said she was a friend of Tom Cruise to get close to Beckham

here she is shilling for the cult…

what it actually means….

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Joy Villa Outed As A Fake On Reddit … Don’t Believe A Word Gossip Cop Says When It Comes To Tom Cruise

5 of the most batshit insane moments from TomKat’s relationship

These two are responsible for some pretty weird pop culture memories… and we love them for it.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

June 29 this year officially marks five years since Katie Holmes shocked the world and filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

From the outside, these couch-jumping cuties looked to be the picture of happiness.

With their adorable daughter Suri Cruise, matching haircuts, grandiose public declarations of love and of course their strong Scientology beliefs in tow, everyone though TomKatwere in it for the long haul.But five years on, we now know that was so far from the truth.

On the anniversary of their split, here are the most weirdest, wildest and downright bizarre moments from their relationship…1. The time they did a cabaret dance together

According to reports at the time, Tom wasn’t too happy about Katie pursuing her acting career and she was told to let go of several jobs – most notably her role on The Dark Knight.

But when you’re two talented stars, there’s no reason you can’t put on your own damn show. And that’s exactly what they did for a charity gala in LA in 2010.

Taking to the stage to perform a very sexy rendition of Whatever Lola Wants from the musical Damn Yankees, Katie’s hips and vocal cords were given the work out of their life while a muted Tom sauntered across the stage, cast under his wife’s spell.

2. Those silent birth claims and the mystery surrounding Suri Cruise

These days, 11-year-old Suri Cruise is all grown up and the perfect mix of her mum and dad.

But in the lead up to her birth, the rumourmill went into overdrive with wild conspiracy theories with the most rogue of which suggesting Tom wasn’t her father and they’d used frozen sperm from Scientology’s creator L. Ron Hubbard.

Other reports alleged that under the rules of Scientology, Katie was instructed to have a silent birth and the church had even made her a dummy to help her stay quiet.

At the time, Tom was quick to clear up how a silent birth works telling Diane Sawyer on Primetime: “It’s basically just respecting the mother, you know, and helping to be quiet — not the mother. The mother makes as much noise… you know, she’s going through it.”

“But why have other people make noise? You know, you want that area very calm and to make it very special.”

Hands up if you still don’t really understand?

Tom also slammed rumours the actress was having a drug-free birth.

“She does what she’s gotta do, OK? …We’re there you know, with doctors.”Whatever the woman wants. I’m not gonna tell Kate …you know, if she needs an epidural, she’s gonna get her epidural.”

Preach Tom, preach!

Suri fast became Hollywood’s most elusive baby with the couple waiting five months to introduce her to the world via a stunning Vanity Fair cover, shot by Annie Leibovitz in 2006.

Dismissing speculation there was a sinister reason behind delaying Suri’s unveiling, Tom told the publication: “We were just living our lives, being a family. Actually, we were taking our own photos and always planned to release those at the right time.”

There she is! And what a way to be introduced to the world.
There she is! And what a way to be introduced to the world.

3. Remember when they rocked up to a red carpet event on a motorbike for no apparent reason?

Aside from the couch jumping, this has to be one of the most cringe moments in their entire relationship.

Clad in his and her leather jackets, Tom and Katie arrived at the 2005 War of the Worlds premiere in LA together on a motorbike because… well, no one really knows why.


And this well orchestrated and most definitely rehearsed dip kiss at the New York premiere of the film comes a close second in their PDA hall of shame:

It's like something out of a Hollywood movie... Oh wait!
It’s like something out of a Hollywood movie… Oh wait!

4. Everyone had matching bowl cuts

You’re not a power couple until you coordinate your aesthetics, right? And Tom and Katie fell victim to some very acute bowl cuts circa 2007.

Even little Suri got in on the action with a matching cropped cut.

TomKat in 2007, what a time to be alive!
TomKat in 2007, what a time to be alive!
Suri was also given a similar 'do.
Suri was also given a similar ‘do.

5. Call me Kate

Apparently when they first got together, Tom’s vision was for his new partner to be re-branded as “Kate Cruise.”

During an interview with All Headline News, Tom reportedly explained his reasoning behind the name change: “Katie is a young girl’s name. Her name is Kate now – she’s a child-bearing woman.”

The Hollywood heavyweight often referred to her as Kate, most famously in their divorce statement in 2012, which read: “Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children. Please allow them their privacy.”

Before Marty Rathbun’s brain is totally consumed by David Miscavige it’s worth noting the supposed bombshells he was going to give the world…. even if only half of them are true no wonder C.O.B. went into overdrive to destroy Rathbun’s rep
In the final chapter of Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior I concluded that chronicling the Scientology years after L. Ron Hubbard passed would largely be pointless. I gave David Miscavige the benefit of the doubt by writing off much of his criminal and sociopathic behavior as being to some degree ingrained by his lifetime programming in Scientology ‘us vs. them’ mentality. While I haven’t changed my view of the causation of his behavior, I have come to recognize that Miscavige’s continuing conduct requires that the entire record be set straight.We spent the better part of this last year attempting to move on and settle into quietly helping repair the lives of people debilitated by Scientology mental slavery on a one to one basis.  In that regard, I planned on completing two more books for the relatively small community of Scientology refugees; one deconstructing the subject for deeper understanding, and the other a recommended manual on graduating from the cult and moving on up a little higher.  And then I would be done with the subject.However, the Scientology Inc. response to my magnanimous ways has been an abject demonstration of Scientology’s inability to process forgiveness.  Factually, Miscavige’s conduct since is even more bizarre and fascist than before granting him some space within which to reform his ways.  He quite apparently has decided to turn a simple, civilized request to be left alone into ground zero for Scientology’s Armageddon.It would appear that there has been continuing regressive ethics change (a dwindling toward extreme depravity of moral level) on the part of Miscavige and his minions.  He continues to spend millions of tax free money to exact vengeance and attain impunity for his criminal ways without the slightest sign of remorse. As a result, a great deal of my time of late has been forced toward reconstructing events explaining Scientology Inc.’s institutionalized abuse of civil rights and abuse of the judicial system.  Doing so led to my recognition that the racketeering ways leading to Scientology Inc.’s depraved condition requires full airing. Accordingly, I have pulled from the pending (indefinitely) basket my in-progress manuscript of the follow-up book to Memoirs.   Its working title is Scientology Armageddon.  It provides an insider history of Scientology’s second, and apparent, last generation. It is now back on the production line scheduled for 2014 completion and publication. Among other topics it will chronicle in detail:

–          How David Miscavige’s psycho-sexual obsession with celebrity and the world’s biggest star dictated the destiny of Scientology’s second generation.  Including the full stories of Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Greta Van Susteren, et al.  That is made possible and necessary by Miscavige changing the rules to ‘no rules’.

–          The complete story of Scientology Inc’s efforts to capture the minds of Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Bono and David Beckham – including meddling so as to engineer match ups and splits between marriage partners.

–          How the world’s most powerful talent/entertainment agency (Creative Artists Agency) was covertly converted into a Scientology censorship vehicle. How it has intimidated and bribed major television networks at the direction of David Miscavige.

–          How Miscavige fraudulently transferred the trademarks and copyrights of Scientology from Hubbard to corporations he secretly and illicitly controlled – and why that makes enforcement of intellectual property rights in Scientology material impossible.

–          How David Miscavige attempted to sell out Scientology to Big Pharma (Pharmaceutical companies) while continuing to bilk adherents of hundreds of millions by positioning himself as the nemesis of Big Pharma.

–          How Miscavige defrauded the United States government, and all American taxpayers, to obtain tax exempt status for Scientology and why subsequent history requires that exemption be rescinded.

–          How Miscavige caused and then attempted to cover up the death of Lisa McPherson at a cost of tens of millions of dollars.

–          The moral and cognitive breakdown that resulted in Miscavige’s near replay of Waco and/or Jonestown at Scientology headquarters. How that re-play was prevented by whistleblowers. And why that has resulted in Miscavige choosing the situs of the writing of this very book as ground zero for Scientology’s Armageddon.

Scientology Armageddon

Scientology — Disconnection

Disconnection is a practice in Scientology, in which a Scientologist severs all ties between themselves and friends, colleagues and/or family members that are deemed to be antagonistic towards Scientology.

Screenshot of the Scientology Press Office page as archived by the Internet Archive

Screenshot of the Scientology Press Office page as archived by the Internet Archive

If an individual attempting to improve his life through Scientology is encountering persistent opposition from a close associate, his spiritual advancement is impeded.

In the vast majority of cases, the antagonism is rooted in false information about Scientology and providing the true data ends the matter. As a last resort, when all attempts to sort out such situations have failed, the Scientologist may decide to disconnect from the person until the antagonism ceases.
– Source: What is “disconnection? Scientology Press Office, Scientology Today. See screenshot for version archived by the Internet Archive.

That official explanation used to be posted at Scientology’s Press Office website.

The cult‘s press office tried to compare ‘disconnection’ with the practice of shunning found in some religions, such as the Amish or “certain Orthodox Jewish congregations” and Jehovah’s Witnesses (considered a cult both theologically and sociologically).

Scientology’s PR department concluded that “Disconnection in Scientology is neither new nor strange in the annals of religion.”

It should be noted that shunning is not a Biblical practice. (See: What the Bible Teaches About Shunning). While the Bible does talk about a disciplinary practice currently referred to as excommunication or disfellowshipping, the practice was never meant to be applied in the extreme forms used by some movements.

The official explanation of Scientology’s disconnection policy has been removed from its original URL, but can be seen in the screenshot above). In its place is a wordier version of “What is Disconnection?”offsite now published by the ‘Scientology Newsroom’. (Consumer Alert: That link leads directly to a website operated by Scientology).

It says in part,

There is no policy in Scientology that requires Church members to disconnect from anyone, let alone family and friends who simply have different beliefs. To the contrary, the moral code of Scientology mandates that Scientologists respect the religious beliefs of others. The Church encourages excellent family relationships, Scientologists or not, and family relations routinely improve with Scientology because the Scientologist learns how to increase communication and resolve any problems that may have previously existed.

Unfortunately for Scientology — and the many victims of its disconnection policy — that is not how it works, as documented in countless testimonials, many of which can be viewed at YouTube:


When film director and screenwriter Paul Haggis resigned his membership in the Church of Scientology, he did so in a letter to Tommy Davis, who at that time was Scientology’s chief spokesperson.

Among other things, Haggis addressed the disconnection policy:

Screenshot from The Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology, The New Yorker, Feb. 14, 2011

Screenshot from The Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology, The New Yorker, Feb. 14, 2011


The practice of shunning, which Scientology used to try and hide behind, was certainly never meant to break up families — as is the case with Scientology’s disconnection policy. Disconnection has sometimes ended marriages and separated children from their parents.

Scientologists declare their outcasts “suppressive persons.”

Another Scientology policy – called “disconnection” – forbids Scientologists from interacting with a suppressive person. No calls, no letters, no contact.

An SP is a pariah. Anyone who communicates with an SP risks being branded an SP himself.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote the policies four decades ago, church leaders say, not as a tool to oust members but to provide those going astray with a mechanism to return to the church’s good graces. That aligns with Scientology’s tenets of improving communication, strengthening relationships.

But SPs who have felt the sting and other church critics say the suppressive person policy is a sledgehammer to keep marginal members in line – and in the flock.

Whatever Scientology’s motivation, its suppressive person policy results in wrenching pain, say a dozen SPs interviewed by the St. Petersburg Times.

Some have gone years without seeing or talking with sons, daughters, mothers, fathers – all of whom abide by Scientology’s no-contact requirement.

For a Scientologist thinking of forsaking the church, the decision is grueling: stay in or risk being ostracized from loved ones and friends.
– Source: The Unperson, St. Petersburg Times, USA, June 25, 2006

See also:
SP Profiles, St. Petersburg Times, USA
June 25, 2006.

Here is a father’s story of how his relationship with his daughter is being held hostage by The Church of Scientology:


Ruthless book

The father of cult leader David Miscavige exposes Scientology’s cruel disconnection policy in his tell-all book, Ruthless.

The author of a controversial new biography on celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise has found an unexpected new ally: the niece of Scientology’s current leader, David Miscavige.

In an open letter to a senior Scientology official that has been widely posted on the Internet, Jenna Miscavige Hill described how her own family was broken apart by the movement’s policies.

Hill’s father is Ron Miscavige, the older brother of David Miscavige, the current leader of the Church of Scientology.

“Hell, if Scientology can’t keep his family together — then why on earth should anyone believe the church helps brings families together!” she wrote.

In particular she challenges Scientology’s denial that it puts pressure on members to break all contact with relatives who do not support the movement — a practice known as disconnection.

Hill said it was this policy that broke up her own family.

“As you well know, my parents officially left the church when I was 16 in 2000,” she wrote. Having been separated from them since the age of 12, she decided not to go with them.

But she added: “Not only was I not allowed to speak to them, I was not allowed to answer a phone for well over a year, in case it was them calling me.”

Hill goes on to detail how Scientology officials intercepted letters from her parents and her friends.

She was only allowed to visit her parents once a year for a maximum of four days, she wrote — and then only after her parents threatened legal action to get access.

When she returned from these visits, she was questioned to see if her parents had said anything bad about the movement.
– Source: Niece of Top Scientology leader backs Cruise biography, AFP (France), Jan. 28, 2008

Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of Scientology leader David Miscavige, talks about Scientology.

Predictably, after speaking out on Scientology, Jenna Miscavige became the targetof another long-time Scientology practice: harassment. Such unethical behavior is based on the writings (i.e. ‘scripture’) of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. (See: Dead Agenting and Fair Game)


Even J. Gordon Melton, a religion scholar so notorious for his defense of cults that he is often referred to as a cult apologist, has spoken out against Scientology’s disconnect policy:

Extreme? Perhaps. Effective? Definitely.

That’s the view of many religious scholars who say the motive behind Scientology’s suppressive person doctrine is clear: keep members from breaking ranks.

“That’s the way the church keeps discipline,” said J. Gordon Melton, director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion, a think tank in Santa Barbara, Calif., that focuses on smaller groups. “For them, that’s an internal control mechanism.”

Scientology’s disconnection requirement is far more extreme than the severing practices of most modern religions, Melton said.

“I just think it would be better for all concerned if they just let them go ahead and get out and everyone goes their own way, and not make such a big deal of it,” said Melton. “The policy hurts everybody.”
– Source: The Unperson, St. Petersburg Times, USA, June 25, 2006


Scientology’s disconnection policy is but one of many aspects that make the movement a destructive cult.


ABC “20/20” – April 29, 2016. Ron Miscavige, father of Scientology cult leader David Miscavige, talks with ABC about his son’s rise to power — and how Scientology’s disconnection policy has torn apart his family. Ron Miscavige is the author of Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me.


As a follow-up on the ABC program with Ron Miscavige, former Scientologist Tory Magoo explains why Scientology lies about its disconnection policy



  • Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, by Ron Miscavige. In this #1 New York Times beststeller, Miscavige reveaisl the origins of Scientology’s current leader — his son, David Miscavige. Ron Miscavige escaped from the Church of Scientology’s international headquarters outside Hemet, California, on March 25, 2012




  • Disconnection Collection of articles at the Scientology Lies website documenting the cult’s disconnection policy.
  • Disconnection Hurts [Contra] Stories from people who have been victimized by Scientology’s disconnection policy
  • Stop Disconnection [Contra] this website documents “Scientology’s practice of disconnection – destroying families in order to keep its members subdued, controlled and leveraged.”
  • Stop Scientology Disconnection [Contra] Read the story behind this website’s billboard in Los Angeles



scientology disconnection poster

Do you have loved ones in the Scientology cult who have disconnected from you? Use these printable posters and flyers.

Scientology — Disconnection

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