whilst the literal translation is “Cruise holds Travolta by the balls” [nice image, ed] ‘has got’ is probably a better version

I ran it through Google translate:

it is through William Franks that one knows exactly

the situation in the Church of Scientology. The former head of the international leadership of the movement – which af rms that

“Even Mr. Hubbard could not violate
my orders” – recognizes that “these days, John Travolta is a victim of Scientology a participant.” Indeed, the 63 year-old actor does not believe in the doctrine. His doubts began to arise in the tragic death of her ls Jett, in January 2009, and have continued to grow since.

Contained the famous Record?

“John has seriously considered leaving the Church. He came to see me about this, desperate and terri ed to the idea that Scientology decides to reveal to the public what he had told them for many years, “pre- cise William Franks.

Indeed, one of the activities to improve the psychological condition of the members is “hearing” sessions during which an examiner asks a series of questions (eg, “Tell me a secret”). The answers are noted and stored in the member’s file. And though the organization denies preciously keep the most acca- blantes information in a secret place, former members af rm the opposite. It was during these sessions NOM breuses hearing that John Travolta, yet married to Kelly Preston, confessed he was gay, even describing in detail his sexual adventures.

William Franks said: “[Travolta] came to me and beg me. He explained that he had to
be a mistake when Scientology had told him they were going to publish five hours of his confessions if he left the movement. “According to the former number one, the decision not John Travolta not allow to leave the ranks of the organization comes from the highest hierarchical level. Besides David Miscavige, the boss is Tom Cruise who holds
power. “Miscavige and Cruise are extremely close and have great respect for each other. In these conditions, it is natural that they make important decisions together, “af rm Franks. For him, Tom Cruise is not only lies about the case of John Travolta, but he also commanded him to make sing.

the impossible coming out
Since John Travolta hide his homosexuality from the beginning of his career and is a member of the Church of Scientology since 1975, it has never been, even when it would have been possible to its exit from the cupboard. William Franks said: “I have witnessed the pressure we put on Travolta. It was ter- ed to the idea that Scientology reveals all about his sex life. For the public, it is a ladies’ man, but the reality is quite different. That homosexuality is made public would have destroyed that image. “

the Leah bit on the right

Since leaving Scientology in 2013, after part since the age of nine, Leah Remini was invested with the mission of denunciation of the organization and its practices. In fact, the group is engaged now in a real campaign of denigration of the actress and tom Cruise started to promote increased as Church.

in November 2015, Leah Remini released his autobiography, Surviving Hollywood and Scientology (and survive in Hollywood Scientology), in which it describes in detail how members are treated as well as abuses that were committed. A year later, she hosts Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, a series of nine episodes worn di airing on A & E giving voice to former members.


The actress has not his tongue in his pocket, and last December, in full promotion of his show, she did not hesitate to pronounce serious charges. “[Tom] really believe that people like me are the devil incarnate. […] He is fully aware that this is an organization that steals people’s lives. “

Now a second season of his show was being supplied comman-, more secrets about the organization should be exposed. As explained by a person in the industry “as a former member, Leah knows exactly how far they can go. I’m sure she can perfectly manage intimidation or low maneuvers that the Church could do. “

Recalling the questions that had arisen at the time of the application for divorce of Katie holmes and cars with tinted windows that followed, she and Suri, the informant stressed that Leah had to take precautions. “I’d be surprised if Katie had not called Leah repeatedly told him not to let him go and encouragement.”

Tom Cruise to attack

In such a media war, no one is better placed than tom Cruise to o er a reassuring image of Scientology. and, in October, when the first Jack Reacher: Unwrap the actor, who never speaks of the Church to the press, has waived its rule to mean “without [Scientology], I would not be where I am. This is a very beautiful religion which I am extremely er. “

To an observer very familiar with the matter, there is no doubt that Tom Cruise, who just sold two properties in California and probably account moved to Clearwater, Florida, on the pro- property of the Church, is on a war footing. “Tom is too smart to discredit publicly Leah, but I imagine that it is perfectly aware that the leaders of the church want to counteract all the negative publicity generated by the TV show. Tom is the strongest defender of the Church, and I am convinced that he must be mad with rage against Leah. “By cons,” you have to admire Leah to have the courage to say publicly what she thinks. she is given a mission, but it is really a fight to the David against Goliath. one
can deny the immense power of tom to defend Scientology. I’m sure Leah will protect his rear. “

and this translates as John Travolta’s tits…

latest Suri pics…

Hollywood actress and former Scientologist Leah Remini may be one of the most vocal and prominent critics of the Church of Scientology today. But she does not regret having been a member of the controversial group for almost her entire life.

The 46-year-old made headlines when she abruptly left the organisation in 2013 after 34 years as an active member. Her mother, actor husband Angelo Pagan and their 12-year-old daughter Sofia also left Scientology shortly after.

Speaking to The Straits Times in a telephone interview, Remini says: “I don’t regret any of it because I wouldn’t be here now. I feel that it was supposed to be my path to go through something like this, so that I can do what I love to do, which is to help people.

“So I don’t regret it in a certain way because I’m here now, doing what I’m meant to do.”

Since she left the organisation, she has made it her mission to expose the controversial rules that Scientology imposes on its members. They include the act of disconnection, which means a Scientologist has to cut all ties with anyone who is antagonistic towards the group, even if that person is a family member or close friend.

Besides writing the best-selling book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood And Scientology (2015), Remini has also produced a documentary series, Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath.

Told over seven episodes, the series shows her interviewing other ex-Scientologists about their often harrowing experiences of being in the group. Tales of physical and mental abuse within the organisation are common, according to the show.

When the series premiered in the United States last November, it was a ratings hit for television network A+E, drawing 2.1 million viewers for the first episode – the most for a new show premiere at the network in two years. A second season has been greenlit for production.

In Singapore, the series premieres on Sunday on StarHub TV.

Remini, who is best known for starring in the long-running sitcom The King Of Queens (1997-2008), says: “My greatest achievement from doing a show like this is helping to change the way people view Scientology. It went from people making fun of Scientology, thinking, ‘What are these crazy beliefs?’, to seeing that it is hurting people and something to be taken seriously.

“Also, the people who have been abused through Scientology are finally receiving the love and comfort from the real world that they are deserving of.”

1 What led you to leave Scientology?

It took me six years to get out. I was trying to ask the organisation about some things I was hearing, that Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly, had not been seen for a while. And the organisation was mad. I was interrogated and I wasn’t allowed to think for myself.

I don’t think people should be punished for asking questions. The more I pursued this, the harder I found it to defend Scientology.

2 Do you still have friends or extended family members in Scientology?

Yes and the policy in Scientology mandates that they’re not allowed to speak to me because I left. There have been instances where I see my godchildren on the street and they walk away.

3 After your documentary series aired in the US last year, have more former Scientology members reached out to you?

Yes, we’ve received so many stories. I think it has to do with the fact that Mike Rinder is on the show. He was a senior executive in the Church of Scientology before he quit and very much a trusted member in and out of the organisation.

As for me, I was a Scientologist who was also a celebrity and celebrityhood is very much celebrated in Scientology.

So people come to us with their stories because they trust us.

4 The Church Of Scientology has openly condemned your show. Have you worried about facing more serious repercussions if you continue criticising them?

No. I’m aware of the Church policy that they go after people who condemn them.

If I was worried about that, I would never have done the show. But what I am worried about are the people who have been brave enough to talk to us about their experiences. They may not be prepared for the things that could happen.

5 Some countries ban religions. Do you think that is necessary in certain cases?

When it’s a cult… and it’s hurting people, then yes.

I make a clear distinction- Scientology is a cult, not a religion. In Scientology, you’re not allowed to think for yourself and they dictate who you can speak to, including your mother. That’s not a religion.

6 Do you believe in God?

Yes. I was baptised a Catholic. My father was Catholic and my mother was Jewish.

7 Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is a famous Scientologist. Do you think he will leave the organisation?

It’ll have to start with whoever got him into Scientology in the first place, but it’ll be hard.

When you’re a Scientologist, you live in a bubble. Someone like him will always be surrounded by fellow Scientologists. The Church of Scientology runs his life – he gets great power from them and they feed his ego. They make him believe that he is saving the planet.

(Cruise’s first wife, actress Mimi Rogers, reportedly introduced him to Scientology. She left the group after their divorce in 1990.)

8 How would you like to be remembered?

For doing something good. For trying to help.

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•Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath premieres on Crime + Investigation (StarHub TV Channel 403) on Sunday at 9pm.


Just renewed by A&E for a second season, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath explores the underbelly of the Church of Scientology. Remini was a member of the church for 37 years but left in 2013 and became a strong activist for exposing its behind-the-scenes machinations.

“We believed that as Scientologists we had the answers and everybody else was lost,” Remini said at Deadline’s The ContendersEmmys event. “This is about a doctrine that calls to destroy people’s lives when they speak out.”

Remini said her mission in the hourlong show is to “continue to tell these people’s stories until somebody steps in to do something about it.”

She might be close to achieving her objective. Mike Rinder, another ex-Scientologist who also participates in the show, said lawyers were working hard to bring action on the church.

“They’re reviewing all the facts, reviewing the stories of the victims and reviewing the law,” he said. “It’s looking very hopeful.”

Leah Remini: Scientology Can “Destroy People’s Lives”; How Revenge & Consequence Drive ‘Six’; ‘UnReal’ EP On First Female Suitor – Contenders Emmys

when tiny Dave (don’t call me psycho) Miscavige first found out about Leah’s 2nd series he did what any clueless despot would do and double downed on trying to make Leah look the bad guy without realising he just enforces the current world view that scientology is a demented and vindictive bunch of loonies

When is the Church of Scientology going to accept that it can’t push Leah Remini around?

More: The Craziest, Most Mind-Blowing Things We’ve Learned About Scientology

Now that her docuseries, Scientology and the Aftermath, is confirmed for a second season, the church has been going after Remini hard. Scientology writer Tony Ortega wrote on his blog that he thinks the church sent private investigators to dig up dirt on Remini, which would make sense considering its latest smear campaign against her.

On the website the church started to refute Remini’s show, there’s a series of videos featuring people who have been a part of Remini’s life and who still belong to the Church of Scientology. All of them speak into the camera documentary-style to say terrible things about Remini’s character.

More: Leah Remini Says Tom Cruise Could Be the End of Scientology

“I was acting in an episode of King of Queens. I was cast in it. I didn’t know Leah or anybody in her family beforehand,” one woman says. “I just was cast. And when I arrived on the set for rehearsal that week, immediately she’d had a huge blowup with the director. And she was acting very mean and pretty awful and they actually had to shut the set down for at least an hour while she, you know, whatever, cooled off, came back, and then, she was pretty mean the whole week. And because I knew she was a Scientologist, I actually was embarrassed that she was acting that way.”

That’s pretty much the extent of it. In all five videos, people describe Remini as being unpleasant, rude, ungrateful and a bad mother. It’s kind of telling that instead of defending itself against the actual claims she’s made about its practices, the church is going after her personally. Still, this doesn’t seem like it’s over, and Remini has proven time and time again that she can handle whatever the church throws at her.

More: Scientology Is Fighting Leah Remini’s TV Show With an Entire Network


transcripts of the demented clams trying to smear Leah

Shannon Burwell

I was acting in an episode of King of Queens. I was cast in it. I didn’t know Leah or anybody in her family beforehand. I just was cast. And when I arrived on the set for rehearsal that week, immediatley she’d had a huge blowup with the director. And she was acting very mean and pretty awful and they actually had to shut the set down for at least an hour while she, you know, whatever, cooled off, came back, and then, she was pretty mean the whole week. And because I knew she was a Scientologist, I actually was embarrassed that she was acting that way.

So it was the day of the show. We were both — we were the only two people in the make-up room at the time, other than the make-up people working on each of us. And she was trying to create some energy in the room, and she turned to her make-up girl, and she said, ‘What do I have to do, do I have to stick my hand up your bleep to get a rise out of you? And I was stunned, and the other — and you could tell that it actually kind of deflated the energy in the room. But because she was the star of the show, everyone had to kind of pretend that they thought it was funny.

Michael Duff (married to actress Denice Duff)

My wife and her friends, they were, you know, they were friends with Leah, and, whatever — a party or something and she just always — just be a little unnerved, like feeling small after an encounter, you know? That was the, that was the unfortunate thing that I saw was she would try to make herself propped up by putting other people down. And that’s just unpleasant to be around. As just, as ooh, it’s really funny because I’m a comedian. It’s like ah, there’s, it’s not funny, really. You know, especially with your friends. You know it’s like that — but oh, they can’t take it, well. You know, take what? What should they actually have to take?

Jim Kilmartin

My name is Jim Kilmartin, and I’ve known Leah since she was a teenager. She initially hung around with one of my daughters. And later in life, my son ended up marrying Leah’s sister.

When I used to go to Leah’s house for the holidays, I never felt like I was part of the family. I mean, my daughter was there, my son was there, so in that sense they were always happy to see me. But I never got that same feeling from Leah at all.

Leah never made me feel that I was part of the family. And when my wife she was sick for quite a long time and in the hospital numerous times, I don’t recall Leah ever coming to visit or calling me and, or doing anything along those lines, you know even though she talks about family, you know I theoretically should have been part of the family because considering my son’s involvement, my daughter’s involvement with Leah and the amount of time that went on for. And I don’t remember her being at the memorial service when she passed away or getting any kind of communication from her about my wife passing away. And so how is that caring about family?

Even though she says the family is very, very important, obviously I wasn’t considered family. But yet I was.

I had gone to quite a few holiday events, whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas or whatnot at Leah’s. And that was the most interaction, I guess you could say, with her. And one time at one of these parties she wanted me to have something to eat. And I said no, I don’t eat that kind of food, and for some reason that got her a little bit upset. And from that moment forward, I didn’t get invited to as many things as I used to, prior to that.

I would say the reason I didn’t go back as much was because I didn’t do what she wanted me to do and that didn’t go over well.

Joanne Schnitzer

One time I was at the house and I was like in absolute shock. You know, I played with Sophia. She was on the trampoline, and Leah would be like, ‘Get out of there! Move back! Stop that!’ You know, and I just couldn’t believe how she was treating her daughter.

And I was just very embarrassed that she would do that with her daughter and I felt horrible for the kid. I, you know, I thought it would have a very bad effect on Sophia.

Leah had an assistant who, they were like best friends, like forever and then one day, Leah up and fired her. And this assistant went through hell because Leah would not talk to her. You know, there was no way of having a conversation and coming to terms with it. And this went on ‘ad infinitum.’ In other words, this girl, this assistant who she fired, who’d been her best friend, to this day has no clue what happened.

Cristin Woodruff (married to Todd Woodruff)

My husband was one of the main ministers in Scientology who helped Leah throughout the years. And that’s the truth. It’s just really hurtful that, after all that he did for her that this would be what we get in return, you know. So, I just hope that my son can grow up to understand that actions like this are wrong, and I only hope that we could teach him to, you know, love people and care about people, and never turn on the people that you love and that you care about. You know, that’s what we want to teach him, and you know we want to keep him out of any other situations where you wouldn’t, you know, love somebody and care about somebody and, and be loyal to somebody who’s helped you so much, you know. That’s what we want him to grow up, you know, believing and feeling, and we’re going to use Scientology to do that.

View post on imgur.com

a bit of Mr Scientology Bellend for the lulz

Church of Scientology ups bid for Clearwater Marine Aquarium land to $15 million

The church offered the aquarium $15 million for the 1.4-acre lot, Scientology spokesman Ben Shaw confirmed, far exceeding the $4.25 million deal the City Council will vote to close on April 20.

It is the second time in three weeks Scientology leader David Miscavige has tried to outbid the city — aquarium officials passed on a $12.5 million offer the church made March 11, opting not to sell before the city has a chance to vote.

Aquarium CEO David Yates said Thursday that the nonprofit is committed to selling to the city, and no outside offer, no matter the amount, has changed that.

“The ball is in the city’s hands,” Yates said. “Nothing has changed. The offer we gave to the city still stands.”

Shaw said the aquarium’s rejection of an offer $10.75 million higher than what the city is poised to pay “calls into question the CMA board’s adherence to its fiduciary duty as a charity.”

“The church obviously cannot compete with this inappropriately intimate relationship between the city and CMA and will not be making any further offers,” Shaw said.

The aquarium is in the midst of a fundraising campaign for a $50 million renovation of its aging facility on Island Estates that rescues, rehabilitates and exhibits marine life. It originally bought the downtown lot at the corner of Pierce Street and Osceola Avenue in 2012 for $2.1 million as part of a now-abandoned plan to relocate downtown.

The church wants the property, which is adjacent to its 13-story Oak Cove religious retreat, to build a swimming pool, a playground and other accommodations for its parishioners, Shaw said.

Consultants who designed the city’s 10-year, $55 million waterfront redevelopment plan in February included the aquarium lot as property the city should ensure meets “the community’s vision and productively contribute to downtown.” It sits across the street from City Hall along a strip of Osceola Avenue that consultants said the city should redevelop to benefit the downtown and waterfront.

Miscavige held private meetings with City Council members March 14 to describe retail and entertainment he is planning to develop downtown. He insinuated the church’s plans to bankroll a facade overhaul of Cleveland Street and recruit high-end retail to fill empty storefronts hinged on the church’s ability to buy the aquarium property, City Council member Hoyt Hamilton said.

The church originally offered the aquarium $4.25 million for the lot in 2015, but aquarium officials held off to give the city time to complete its waterfront redevelopment plan and decide if it wanted to buy.

Appraisals the city commissioned in February estimated the market value of the land at $4.5 million and $4.66 million, respectively. That is up from the appraisals for the land the city received in 2015 at $4.36 million and $2.91 million.

The city leases its Harborview Center on Cleveland Street to the aquarium at no cost to display a memorabilia exhibit about Winter the dolphin. Yates added the relationship has mutual benefits, with the aquarium’s $2 billion regional impact and 2.2 million hotel stays in Pinellas County over four years, according to a 2016 study by Tourism Economics.

Shaw pointed out the Church of Scientology, which has its international headquarters downtown, has an annual economic impact of $917 million, according to a 2014 Florida State University study.

As of Thursday, the majority of the City Council members said they intend to vote for buying the property, with only Bill Jonson and Robert Cundiff undecided.

City Council member Hoyt Hamilton said once city officials begin enhancing nearby Coachman Park, they can solicit bids from developers for ideas on how to redevelop the aquarium site to complement the waterfront.

“The land has great value for the development of Coachman Park,” Hamilton said. “We want to see what the professionals bring to the table for that property. We can’t do that if we don’t own it.”

Contact Tracey McManus at [email protected] or (727) 445-4151. Follow @TroMcManus.

Church of Scientology ups bid for Clearwater Marine Aquarium land to $15 million 04/06/17 [Last modified: Thursday, April 6, 2017 8:12pm]


Danny Masterson watch

Bijou Phillips Got Her Kidney Transplant

April 8, 2017 / Posted by:

In good news, er, news, actress Bijou Phillips was the recipient of a kidney transplant this week. Bijou has battled kidney disease for several years now, and has been on dialysis. It was revealed in February that she was told that she needed a kidney transplant stat. Well, she got it.

US Magazine reports that Bijou’s husband, annoying Scientologist Danny Masterson, shared a pic of Bijou and her kidney donor on Instagram.

Now that Bijou got her kidney and it looks like (fingers crossed) things are going to be ok – can we talk about her kidney donor? Dude’s a hot beardo. He looks like a tall Huck from the tv show Scandal. A tall Guerillmo Diaz is my speed. Is this dude donating other things?

Your weekend gossip blogger has but one kidney and has been told that, if that goes, he should just cancel all his plans for the remainder of life because he’ll be chained to a dialysis machine. Screw that. I’m going for the transplant. And I want a hot donor, too. But I don’t want to have to be married to an annoying actor who novelty DJs under the nom de guerre of DJ Mom Jeans and allegedly might be a rapist so that I’m on the top of the transplant recipient list.

*frown* I’m very demanding, I know.

Bijou Phillips Got Her Kidney Transplant

Chris Wadhams, kidney donor, is part of the Henderson family and a third-generation scilon, son of Chel Stith and stepson of Randy Stith, who we identified a couple of years ago as one of the scilons who stalked Louis Theroux while he was making his movie.

 Pobbitch lulz 

“To me, Pepsi is more than just a
beverage. It registers as a pop
culture icon and a lifestyle that
shares a voice with the generation
of today” – Kendall Jenner

“[We] apologize for putting Kendall
Jenner in this position” – Pepsi
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* Paul’s ping-pong party trick
* Celebrity chang connections
* Charts: Ed Sheeran still no 1

>> Foxy bingo <<
Escorts, bestcorts

Selling your kiss’n’tell to
the tabloids will guarantee
you a payday, but if you have
a bit of moxie you can make
the story pay and pay.

Take Valerie Fox, for example:
the star of the latest boak-
inducing sexscapade of Nigel
Farage. Selling the story of
smooching with Farage in an
aeroplane may have netted her
a few thousand, but with all
the recent exposure, she now
commands double her usual
escort fee.

Not bad for a couple of stubby
column inches…

Take a look:

Looks like Valerie’s also using it
as a chance to promote herself as a
private tutor too, as you can get an
“A-Level Extra” for another hundred.

>> Surprise, surprise! <<
Paul’s ping-pong party trick

Blind Date is on its way back to
C5. Melanie Sykes is going to be
taking the place of Our Graham,
while Paul O’Grady will fill the
shoes of his old pal as host.

And how closely will he try to
mimic the cosy presenting style
of Cilla? Well, given that he
spent much of the taping of the
second episode pretending to
fire ping pong balls from his
imaginary vag, he’s either
going in a radically different
direction, or he knows some
pretty impressive secrets about
Cilla’s pelvic floor.

The biggest change at Blind Date?
The budget. Contestants are no
longer sent off to the Caribbean
for their dates, but to Nando’s.

Big Questions <<

What people are asking?

The tabloids have spent years
wringing headlines out of his
health struggles, so what
angle will they go with when
this well-loved, but troubled,
star reveals he has cancer?

Phil Neville on Radio 5Live today.
“When Luke Shaw signed for
Manchester United I was probably
involved in the process of scouting
him…” Er, Phil, only probably?

Chalk and cheese <<

Cocaine: the great leveller

One is a privately educated,
Oscar-nominated star of high-
brow film and TV, whose name
is redolent of aristocracy and
good breeding. The other is a
raucous tabloid fixture, and
salt-of-the-earth EastEnders
legend who’d probably struggle
to secure herself a reservation
at her local Pizza Hut.

Yet this unlikely pair have
recently discovered that they
share a close friend in common.

They both swear by the same
showbiz cocaine dealer.

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Grand National <<

Aintree, Saturday 5.15pm

Two of the high-street bookies
reported a best ever Cheltenham
festival, which is bad news
for punters. We’ve got higher
hopes for Aintree. Here are the
three things to know when you
pick your Grand National horse:

1. Don’t get carried away about
horses who’ve got round before.
The last seven winners ran in
the race for the first time.

2. 15 of the 16 finishers last
year were under 10 years old.

3. Favourites under-perform.
Past five winners: 33/1, 25/1,
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When Harry met Nicky <<

It was Styles over substance

We had high hopes for Harry
Styles’ solo career. Imagine!
The kid from One Direction who
was late for X Factor rehearsals
because he was busy getting a
blowie in the car-park. The one
who whispered that stuff about
getting pussy in Matt Cardle’s
ear. The guest at James Corden’s
wedding who got a tugjob off of
Natalie Imbruglia. He should be
the perfect Popbitch pop star.

But the quotes that have been
sent round in advance of his
big solo launch on Grimmy’s R1
show look boring beyond belief.

On Adele:
“The thing with her is she’s
a different thing, she’s just
good at it, I like how she does
everything, it looks very nice.”

On Ronnie Wood:
“I think I met him at a dinner
party a few years ago…I think
he is the nicest.”

On Chris Martin:
“I think he is a pretty
wonderful man.”

On Ed Sheeran:
“He is really good”.

Which superhero would he be?
“I don’t know”.

In case you miss the interview –
Harry likes: scented candles, fruit
pastilles, brussels sprouts, routine
Harry hates: pissing in sinks

>> Pilger’s progress <<
Before John met Julian

F writes:
“Further to your story about
the future publisher of Mail
Online rubbishing the internet:
My brother once organised a talk
and book signing with left-wing
journalist and documentary maker
John Pilger at Waterstones back
in the late 90’s.

“The Q&A afterwards was a bit
quiet, so I stuck my hand up
and asked if he thought that
the internet would be useful
for investigative journalism.
He looked at me like I was
deranged and dismissed the
idea with a booming “NO”.

“Last I heard he was hanging
out with Julian Assange. My
brother got a job with Amazon
and that branch of Waterstones
has closed down.”

Former Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood
has an interesting nickname in
football. He’s known as Slips.
Short for Slippery.

>> Eurovisionary <<
Not your usual pop star

The Eurovision’s hot favourite,
Francesco Gabbani, was in the
UK last weekend to play the
annual London Eurovision Party.

Usually when they get hold of
a mic, Eurovision acts will
talk about how honoured they
are to represent their country,
or to insist that the audience
believe in themselves and be
true to their hearts. Gabbani,
though – he had a different
message for fans.

“Today I had the incredible
privilege of meeting Desmond
Morris in his home in Oxford…
comparable maybe to grabbing
a coffee with Heraclitus.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s first choice
to write the libretto for Cats was
Ian Dury.

>> Cheesed off <<
Tone-deaf Tory taunts fans

West Ham’s first season in the
Olympic stadium has been quite
the shitshow, what with muppet-
style stewarding, half-baked
facilities, bars running out of
beer, etc – but it could still
get worse. Last night’s abject
defeat at Arsenal pushes them
closer to relegation.

Knowing how anguished the fans
must be at the minute, how did
club CEO Karren Brady try to
set minds at ease? By tweeting
a photo of the vast dessert
table and enormous cheeseboard
she was tucking into at the

A bold choice given that some
Hammers fans have been debating
setting up their own breakaway
club, in part because they’re so
embarrassed about the behaviour
of their overlords. And given
that a recent poll of fansites
suggests that fewer than half
of season ticket holders are
planning on renewing, we’re
surprised Baroness Brady of
Knightsbridge had the appetite.

Popbitch’s favourite obstetrician-
gynaecologist in Sofia, Bulgaria?
Dr Natashka Deliverska.

>> Maya’s gold  <<
More journo offspring

“Maya’s never tried to hide it
from me. She wants my job. Yes,
she says, she’d feel a bit
guilty if they got rid of me
for her, but not that guilty.”
So said Simon Hattenstone about
his daughter in the Guardian
back in 2011.

What with the Guardian’s current
money worries, Simon may come to
regret being so flippant about
this – as Maya’s already got
one foot in the door.

Here she is, writing for the
Guardian last month about
Neighbours possibly getting
the axe:

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>> Hmmms <<
Otters, Nash, jazz

Hard rock and metal songs, as
performed by autotuned animals:

Started as a joke; now
almost a full-time job:

Otters in Cambridge:

Kate Nash is on Kickstarter:

Should you get guacamole
on you burrito?

Great interview with jazzer
Marcus Miller:

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T, F, PM, SW, JW, SG, AC

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Q: How do you get two whales
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