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Is There Another Celeb Scientology DJ Raping Out There Apart From Danny...

Is There Another Celeb Scientology DJ Raping Out There Apart From Danny Masterson?… tiny Tom Cruise Bans tiny Tom Cruise Doll


 Pretty much all you need to know….

Henry Cavill is well over 6 feet so we have to assume tiny tom is standing on a box…

tiny tom bans tiny tom cruise doll

Funko Just Cancelled the Tom Cruise POP! Vinyl Toy from ‘The Mummy’

Sorry, Cruise fans.

We told you out of Toy Fair in February that Funko was releasing three POP! vinyl toys based on this summer’s The Mummy, with the title character getting two and Tom Cruise’s character Nick Morton getting one. If you planned on collecting all three, well, don’t count on it. Because while the Ahmanet toys are hitting shelves, Morton isn’t coming along with them.

Universal Monsters Universe confirms this week that Funko has for whatever reason cancelled the Nick Morton POP! toy. The site speculates that Cruise himself is to blame for this one:

While “licensing issues” was the reason cited for the cancellation of the first POP vinyl figure of Tom Cruise, there’s reason to believe that Cruise was the reason for its cancellation. The actor is known for not allowing his likeness to be used for merchandising and it is quite possible that this is what ultimately led to the cancellation of the Nick Morton POP!

Who is Nick Morton? It’s been rumored that he’ll either become the new Mummy or a Van Helsing-like character who will appear throughout Universal’s new universe.

But for now, those are only rumors.

lest we forget…

Danny “He flipped me over and just started pounding me. I was trying not to vomit. I said no like 50 times” Masterson

Column: Is an eye for an eye the right thing?

During your life so far, you may have found yourself in a situation where you were hurt mentally or physically in a horrible way. How did you feel about the person who hurt you?

It seems to be human nature to want to lash out against the person who hurt you or hurt someone you care about. An eye for an eye is the law of retaliation, but does retaliation really accomplish anything? Ghandi said, “An eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind.”

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I’m going to share with you something that happened to me in the spirit of raising awareness.

Twenty-four years ago I was sexually assaulted. I was about 22 years old. At the time I worked for the Church of Scientology and was told not to report the assault, or seek medical attention for injuries I sustained. The church didn’t want negative attention or authorities being called to their Los Angeles complex, which is where I was at the time.

I was convinced by individuals within Scientology that I must have done something to provoke what happened to me, therefore I was solely responsible for what happened. It took me almost another 20 years and leaving Scientology to realize what happened to me was not only not my fault in any way, shape or form, but it was a heinous crime that should have been reported.

Though the man who assaulted me was a stranger when I met him, I knew who he was. Soon after my assault, I moved to Minnesota. I was paranoid about open windows or unlocked doors. There was a fear I lived with. Not a fear of him coming to hurt me, but the idea that someone could. It was ever present.

There was also a heavy shame that I lived with for many years. I was ashamed of what happened to me, ashamed that I didn’t do more to stop it, ashamed that I was a victim.

While I lived with my fear and shame, the man who assaulted me went on with his life. For me the fear and shame was worse than the physical assault, which might sound strange. My bruises healed, my mind didn’t for a long time.

For years I wanted the man who assault me to feel the fear, pain and shame that I did. I didn’t wish he would die, but I wasn’t going to lose any sleep if he was assaulted himself. I thought maybe an eye for an eye would help me heal.

What did help me heal was finally acknowledging what happened to me and accepting that it was not my fault. More healing came in the last few years when I met and fell in love with a man who made me feel truly safe for the first time in a long time. The love, acceptance and thoughtfulness he shows me every day reminds me that there is more to love about life than there are things to be fearful or hateful about.

There was something else that helped me heal. I read a book called “The Shack,” which is now a major motion picture. There is a line in the book about forgiveness that I took to heart. It said, “Forgiveness is not about forgetting. It is about letting go of another person’s throat.”

Eventually I was able to mentally let go of the throat of the man who assaulted me. I didn’t wish him any harm. Suprisingly, I felt a kind of pity for him when I wondered what must have happened to him in life to make him think what he did to me, and possibly other women, was an OK thing to do?

Days ago I found out that the man who assaulted me 24 years ago died of cancer at age 50. It took me a few days to process the information and how I felt about it. I was surprised to realize it didn’t make me happy to know he probably died a painful death that could have been dragged out.

At the same time, I wasn’t sad about his passing. I felt compassion for his wife and young children. They are the innocents who have no idea what he did 24 years ago nor do they have anything to do with it.

His death didn’t bring me any closure or relief. That is because I realized that I already had that closure and relief. For me, I have to agree with Ghandi in that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Healing and closure will never come from hurting someone else. Love though, love is a powerful source of healing.

Hey Bunkerites, time to step outside the hive-mind for a moment and realise there’s quite a bit of grey in-between the black and white of The Bunker

It took for me to be banned from commentating to realise exactly how much of a hive mind I developed at The Bunker… I was amazed at how many emails and messages of support I got and have kept the vast majority private… those who were happy to support me in public I’ve mentioned from time to time in my blog posts over the months and years [yes, it’s years now]. 

Anyway I’ll go into all this in loads more detail at a later date [trust me, you’re going to love it] but in the mean time I suggest you have a look at this site below with an open mind. Here’s a sample story:

WitchHunt: Amy Scobee and Tony Ortega Wrongly Accuse Person Of Stalking

bonus Popbitch lulz

“There’s no such thing as a
sexy clown” – Goldie Hawn
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* Farewell, Kelvin MacKenzie!
* Top Gear’s pap attack!
* Charts: Ed v Harry v Bandit

Girl shower <<

Court and courtship

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have
a divorce hearing in court next
Monday and all signs point to it
being extremely messy.

Mel went on the offensive early,
trying to pin the more salacious
sexual stuff on Stephen. However,
while he is undeniably awful
and controlling, it seems that
a fair few girls are lined up to
back his claims that Mel was the
dominant force in the bedroom.

Either way, it seems we’re going
to be hearing a lot more about
their antics in the coming weeks.
Whether anyone is prepared to
testify that Mel’s big ‘thing’
was to retrieve Stephen’s spunk
from the girls once he had
finished with them remains
to be seen.

FYI: The word used to describe this
habit of Mel’s to us was “guzzling”
so the court reporter is going to
want to get a good night’s sleep
before this all starts. It might
be their last one in a while…

The two showbiz reporter threesomes
we mentioned before? Turns out it
was actually one big foursome.

Snooze like Jagger <<

Bianca’s big night out

The Index on Censorship held
their Freedom of Expression
awards last night.

Bianca Jagger turned up and very
kindly expressed her solidarity
for all of the journalists who
have been arrested over the
last year. By falling asleep.

Harry Styles once brought carrot
cake to a Fleetwood Mac concert
to give Stevie Nicks. He even
piped her name onto it.

>> Big Questions <<
What people are asking?

Which Hollywood ex-teen star is
following in the footsteps of
celebs like Sophie Anderton
and Anna Kournikova by getting
paid to holiday with a certain
sheikh in the Emirates? He’s a
long way from high school now.

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>> The spurn of the Mac <<
Kelv’s fall from disgrace

The day after we told you that
News UK chief Rebekah Brooks
was itching to ditch Kelvin
MacKenzie’s column from the
Sun, Kelv went and made her
dreams come true by doubling
down on his Liverpool attacks
(on the eve of Hillsborough’s
anniversary, no less) and
tossing in a racially dubious
garnish to top it off.

He was suspended immediately
and an announcement about his
future is expected soon. He’s
going to get the boot, possibly
as early as tomorrow (his next
column was due on the 21st)
though the snap election has
perhaps bought the paper a
little more breathing space.

Murdoch has already had to
sack one big beast this week
in Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly.
Will he shoot down a second
in the same week? With News
Corp’s bid to buy its remaining
share of Sky now hanging in the
balance, of course. We wouldn’t
be surprised if the knife comes
out sooner rather than later.

Murdoch already shut down a
whole newspaper to protect
his Sky bid. A mate like Kelv
is small fry in comparison.

Why didn’t we spot the acronym of
Kelvin’s business, A Spokesman Says,
before? It is, of course, ASS.

Gallagher bothers <<

Brooks ready for phase two?

That contentious Kelvin column
might also be the undoing of
Sun editor Tony Gallagher too.
There’s been spin behind the
scenes that he was away on
holiday but, in reality, he was
back in the editor’s chair when
the blunder occurred – and it’s
given Rebekah Brooks all the
rope she needs.

Brooks feels that Gallagher’s
hardline stances are a turn-off
for Sun readers and advertisers,
so is keen to pivot the paper
away from politics and towards
lighter, more showbiz-focused

Up until now, Gallagher has
been sitting pretty because
Rupert likes having the ex-
Daily Mail man there to keep
the Sun’s foot firmly on the
government’s neck until they
deliver full Brexit.

However, now that a general
election has been called and
the prospect of an increased
Tory majority looks all but
nailed on – the combination
of last week’s little boo-boo
and a hard Conservative lead
may mean that Gallagher ceases
to be quite so irreplaceable
after June 8th.

Free! Best of Popbitch Mag Year III
From the wisdom of Katie Price to
the hits of Bruno Mars; everything
you need to know about celebrity
injunctions and how to put on a
golden shower party worthy of a
President. Download to your phone!

>> Sex factor <<
Louisa fills Lawrence gap

After targeting Hollywood stars
like Jennifer Lawrence and Miley
Cyrus, the latest iCloud photo
hack has brought the nude pics
of a load of British celebs to
the internet.

Stacey Solomon, Alex Jones and
Lacey Bangard have all suffered
some unwanted column inches over
it, but one of the victims (X
Factor winner, Louisa Johnson)
hasn’t had any namechecks in
the tabloids. Why’s that?

Was it down to some expert arm-
twisting from her label, Syco?
Or was it the handiwork of her
manager, Professor “Jonathan”
Shalit? Hard to tell…

Michael Portillo has been filming
his Great Rail Journeys this week
at the Taj Mahal, Agra.

Pap attack! <<

Reid it and weep

Earlier this week Top Gear had
their season two wrap party at
a pub in London. A few hours
in, an SUV with blacked-out
windows pulled up opposite and
a bloke in a green anorak made
his way over to the crew, very
intently trying to sell drugs
to (black) presenter Rory Reid.
After being told to sling his
hook, the bloke wanders off.
Then, all of a sudden, paps
pile out of the van and start
taking photos of the party.

A tabloid sting gone awry?
It was a more than a little
curious to see pictures from
that very same pap attack
appear on the Mail Online as
part of an otherwise innocuous
“Matt LeBlanc Steps Out With
British Girlfriend” story.

Especially as they chose to
include one picture where the
only person actually in focus
was the unknown ‘dealer’.

A shame. We’re sure they had
a really good “Top GEAR!” or
“WRAP party!” headline for
it. Certainly something good
enough to warrant ambushing
Rory like that.

Rory Reid’s middle name is Ricardo.
Making his initials RRR.

>> The white stuff <<
Dettori comes up on the rail

Since his 2012 ban for cocaine
use, jockey Frankie Dettori has
made a very successful comeback
in the world of horse racing.
Earlier this week, he was at
Newmarket trying to help a
trainer decide whether or not
to enter a much-fancied horse
into the upcoming 2000 Guineas.

Sadly, Dettori’s time out on
the horse in question wasn’t
great. Which is weird because,
on paper at least, Frankie
Dettori and Escobar seem like
a perfect pair.

Barron Trump spotted wearing a full
Arsenal kit at the White House. The
club’s owner also gave his Dad $1m
for his inauguration. (Man Utd and
Fulham FC owners ponied up too).

>> Opposites attract <<
Another Hollywood odd couple

Liz Taylor and Colin Farrell.
Tom Cruise and Cher. Brad Pitt
and Sinitta. Hollywood often
specialises in odd couples –
but Brett Ratner and Danny

The former BBC big cheese made
an announcement this week that
his Access Entertainment had
bought James Packer’s half of
RatPac Films and will co-chair
the film financing company
with Ratner. How will that go?

Ratner is best known as the
one who lost his gig producing
the Oscars when he announced
that “rehearsals are for fags”.
Or maybe as the director who
told Howard Stern of his talent
for oral sex (as practiced on
a young Lindsey Lohan), the
size of his balls and the
extent of his sperm count.
Or possibly as the guy that
Olivia Munn once saw wanking
over a plate of prawns.

Cohen, on the other hand, was
described by the Daily Mail as
the “metropolitan, metrosexual,
leftie luvvie”, gained plaudits
for banning all-male panel
shows and axed Jeremy Clarkson
for his boorish behaviour.

What could possibly go wrong?

Uganda have announced that they’ve
stopped bothering to hunt for
Joseph Kony. Good job, #Kony2012!

>> Mortal wombat <<
RIP Paddy, hello newbies

Sad news this week. Popbitch’s
favourite wombat, Patrick, died.
Thought to be the world’s oldest
(certainly one of the biggest),
the 31 year-old succumbed to
old age.

So what social media animals
can fill that wombat-sized gap
this week? Try these:

* A baby hippo in the shower

* The skateboarding dog
of Stoke Newington

* Birds that like La Bamba

* Red Panda scared of rock

In the last three general election
years (2005, 2010 and 2015) the
Premier League was won by Chelsea.

Curtain call <<

Rebirth of a salesman story

Last week we ran a story about
the recently deceased actor
Tim Piggot-Smith and a cursed
production of Death Of A
Salesman that he was due to
appear in just before he died.
Scandal-heavy, the story took
in inter-cast fighting, broken
legs, hospital visits, pay-offs
and ended with the star of the
show dropping dead three days
before curtain up.

Within the hour, we received
a rather stern email telling
us that there were a number of
inaccuracies in our story and
we should correct the record
as a matter of great urgency.

The list of errors in full:

1/ James Dacre (son of Paul)
is the artistic director of
the theatre, not the director
of the play.

2/ Erm… that’s it.

We are happy to clarify.

Fri 21st April is Sexual Happiness
Day and Lovehoney is celebrating
with 20% off all its sex toys.
Offer ends at midnight on Sunday.

>> Hmmms <<
Spicer, juicing, Korn

Google v other websites:

12 year old Tye (son of Metallica
guitarist Robert Trujillo)
debuted in Korn this week:

Florida’s pointless prison

Sean Spicer as the Easter Bunny:

“The Steve Jobs of juicing”:

Talk like a comedy writer:

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whitemaninhammersmithpalais, NW, JG,
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