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I drove by the Budapest opening on Saturday — it took place after a massive rainstorm, but the OT powers must have been in full effect because it was starting to dry out by the time the opening event took place. I saw no more than 150 people from the street, and by the area cordoned off there could have been no more than 500 people there. So perhaps 300 Scientologists + 200 guests? Who knows.
Anyway, there was zero press coverage here in Budapest. None. Zip. Nada. Not a single column inch. To all intents and purposes this event happened in secret.
Fast forward to yesterday, and this story appeared on, a news portal here. It’s one of two well-read (mainly by a younger crowd) news portals, the other being (where there is no mention of Scientology at all).
Translated into English the headline reads, “Is it true that the American Pope of Scientology had a bucket of shit poured over him in Budapest?”
The writer talks a little about the opening, that it happened in secret, that 169 Vaci Ut (the address) was a practical fortress from Friday on. The article goes on to say that it gets most the information from  another article, in “RiPost”.
Translated, it says “The American Big Boss of Scientology had shit poured on him.” Fun stuff, eh!
In this article the author speaks to some locals who had expressed interest in what was going on at the address, and what the commotion was about. According to the article, the nicest response they got was “what business is it of yours?” It goes on to say that those who tried to take photos on their phones were treated roughly and were verbally abused. “The atmosphere was oppressive – they were intimidating people.” Other bits, “We learned that David Miscavige had flown into Budapest in a private aircraft.” They mention disconnection, the treatment of critics, that his parents had to run away from him.
According to the article, those living on Vaci Ut were starting to get annoyed by the constant hassle, especially after “several thousand Scientologists arrived around noon, and locals were unable to stand outside their houses in the front garden. Several people called the police to ask what this mess is all about and were given the official reason which was, to their surprise, that this is all to do with a demonstration for Religious Freedom. This is the official reason Scientologists gave for the closures.
“An annoyed local told RiPost that after hearing this he made his way to the Church’s new building. After all, if this is all about Religious Freedom than it should be ‘free’ for him too. But he was forcefully restrained by security who told him that the event has nothing to do with Religious Freedom.
“But the real scandal happened afterwards. Scientology had chosen a nearby hotel — the Park Inn Radisson on Vaci Ut — as the location of a reception and banquet held in honor of the American leader.
“On a neighboring table in the restaurant sat a well-to-do Roma (Gypsy) family who were having lunch. As is usual at times like this, the family were social and tried to make friends with the Scientologists.
“According to details collected by RiPost, hotel staff said that when the Roma family were told that the guest of honor was the head of the famous Church, they started to dance around him (Comment for context – this is very rare, but if this happens it is something very special. The Hungarian custom is to allow it, enjoy it and soak it in. Also a Roma family could be anything up to 50 people). After a few more glasses of wine, the Roma family began to nag him to bend a spoon, if he’s such a great magician.
“The situation was getting more and more unpleasant for the Hungarian Scientologists, who were finding it difficult to explain things to their leader, a man known to be very aggressive, especially when the Roma family asked the Church leader to make it rain, after all he gets on so well with ‘aliens’.
“The banquet hall then erupted with applause when it really did start to rain outside!
“As the situation was becoming more and more absurd, Hungarian Scientology bigwig Tamas Nagy and the Church’s Press Officer Attila Miklovicz decided to rescue the day by whisking Miscavige to safety, so they grabbed him by the arms and while apologizing profusely began to make their way back to the newly inaugurated HQ.
“It was on the way that an even bigger scandal happened.
“According to details collected by RiPost, a furious resident, either from the street or from a small white Barkas truck (note for context: brand like Ford, very common in Eastern Europe), threw several buckets of human shit over the Church leader and those accompanying him.
“Several people became immediately unwell from the stench as the Scientology leadership began to run to seek shelter in the newly opened building. The faithful following on their heels were slipping and sliding in the excrement. Scientologists then set about trying to remove all trace of the human excrement while staff inside tried to clean the Church leader’s suit in one the bathrooms; we got this information from chatter from Hungarian Scientologists. On Saturday night the stench was still in the area — our reporters couldn’t fail to notice it while there. Locals recounted the events with satisfied smiles on their faces. The Hungarian Scientology Leadership has refused to comment on the affair, for perhaps obvious reasons.
“It’s no exaggeration to say that the what happened was sensational, in a global sense.”


…..  a local Scientology spokesman did acknowledge to a journalist that at the least some pig shit was thrown near Miscavige.

This post made my day – the write-up was mine. 😉


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“Of course, they doused it. From then until now it was shitty”

– The postman raised the outstretched hands horizontally above the occiput, and then lowered to waist height.

“But the sooner you said that you did not go in Saturday ‘

– I would have said just that when a residential stepped up to us to take over some item. I looked up, it was not András Keresztúri, the former national team midfielder MTK is it? Blue-and-white test szurkerként very proud to see that it was 48, but still what Greyhound stature.

Tom Cruise and David Miscavige

But how did I get here, Angel Earth appearance, the Duna Plaza diagonally opposite panel houses one of the base of the kánikulától glowing doorway that trécseljek of the neighborhood postman of that you can now really összeszarozták be just around the corner, David Miscavige was the most famous living Scientologist Tom Cruise buddy, world-renowned leader of the feared by many church-sect-business?

All started Ómolnárral

Very rarely went out of my life under Article any other pages on the site. The present occasion was also special because of all the points Ómolnár Nicholas’s riposo, the surrealistic boulevard and government propaganda tabloid mixing board wrote that what is said on Saturday extreme attack on the church dedication was made Miscavige.

The Riposo informed that outraged a living – do not know exactly standing in the street, or in a small white truck Barkas, poured several buckets of human excrement chief of the Church and those in the vicinity! The size stench prevailed for more people to become ill. Scientologists ran his staff sought refuge in the newly inaugurated headquarters of the faithful on their trail … the faeces sliding followed them …

It is possible that not infrequently habonyiánus plucking strings Riposte real information is displayed? – I asked a rhetorical question to myself, and then I just noticed that I sit and scooters toward Earth Angel by trying to question the area are to be seen anything like the engine.

Váci út 169 former factory converted a false front, brick-clad office building type, large building. At the top of Váci út façade Scientology English subtitles running along the corner of the plaza facing a nearly five-story metallic structure fixed to the Scientology letters. As I parked nearby, I visited the main entrance, above the cross and NATO star symbol combining Scientologist

I read the welcoming table

but before it even went to church penetration fuck witness to search the area.

Önkaserolás really lame thing to do, but I have to say that investigative journalism is to have lived my career peak at no more than ten seconds later.It so happened that I saw on the sidewalk in an office wearing a suit, a typical Angyalfold eyewitness weather approaching her, walked up to him, introduced myself and asked him to feint to dolgozik- around this. “Yes” – he said. You are not dead if that’s really hosed here Saturday to szcientológuspápát your shit? “I think the audience ask our relationship manager” – she said, pointing behind me. Then he realized that the jacket lapel wearing a cross on a combined NATO-star. Unfortunately I will not be master-of me.

The guy is really coming from the other direction, however, Lange Laszlo, the church – that is no longer a house, but also religious associations – proved to be the head of public relations. And he could take effect immediately. I have in mind guessed that the allegations Riposo none of it is true, but no trace of cheat. Lange compared to this immediately recognized that it was really szarlocsolás épületavatón Saturday. True, he does not think Miscavige was fertilized, but only the land, even a car guy standing out there near the headquarters, but the kordonjukon too. It is not disputed that it was a protest against the opening of the center, but it definitely has repeatedly denied that the cleric had been hit.

It has Riposo info also flatly denied that the Park Inn by Radisson hotel restaurant, the head of the Church in honor of lunch in a same lunch for the famous Gypsy family, it would have bothered me to Miscavige was kanálhajlításra and rain make for encouragement and drunk would have danced around.

They also found that the 2.5 billion forints bought and refurbished buildings have not actually operated, so now I do not know to look inside, but a week or two, and things started up. Hearing this little shiver, because Scientology is a science fiction writer found out, in the doctrines of the others, as if someone in Star Wars or Star Trek wield the Bible as, but not funny to the Church, but rather fearsome reputation. Lange did not say it was scary, but kindly válaszolgatott. Scientologists also dumber than a sailor jargon used, such as the terms were flying as the “ideal org”, which believe it or not, represents the church-like centers.

In the center it is anyway a 350-seat room where the faithful gather every Sunday – according to Lange about five thousand active Hungarian members – and it is considered the class to join pay-called audit, which ensure the Church’s earnings. The house, according to Lange largely not this money, but the faithful have taken pledges and slapped it off. They do not earn badly for tanfolyamaikkal, because the house will work roughly 200 employees szci. A typical housing estate Angyalfold feel unspeakably tossed to the mothers, aunts and retired subsets addition marched in the streets from time to time a team of full-time Scientologist, stewardesses Jetson family-style uniforms, the Illuminati-effect hajtókájukon triangle symbols.

Lange looked after leaving nearby pay witness to soon find the most classic source of rumor, that the postman. Can not say anything, the postman immediately gestured that he knows everything, and yes, the American guy doused from head to toe. He áradóan told that cross-examination would have been no chance to ask, but not so much later it turned out that he, unfortunately, did not see the incident, but several people told him. Ja or so.But under the weight of the flood story was not görnyedezve elkedvetlenedni occasion. Interlocutor of course, was already in the house, inside which according to him is like a five-star hotel. He also explained that the center would have been handed over for months, then it does not, that when once the gale blew the lid film inscription SCIENTOLOGY available, someone broke into a big stone on the facade of the glass. The postman is utalgatott that the locals warily watching the Scientologists, he also talked about why using a small kémkamerát when concerts videózik – because of a pipe once a punk concert broke a six-kilo camera of the flash – at that early age, when two it was a scoop of the barely HUF 1.50 at the party resort was, so when I found out that beer is cheaper than the store, bought two compartments. But this happened before the period of alternative schools! But it was also about how a street cameras to monitor police friend alerted two patrol car when a drunk wanted to drag drink in the pub, and how quickly they reached the cops when they went into a house to deliver, but on the second ívhegesztettek and neck fell a glowing piece of metal and he shouted up that son of a bitch.

Such a super mood took at least half an hour in the doorway. I felt more like an eighty-kilo Scientologist would have tired out and I had a landing net afterwards.

Who cares that it finally was poured buckets of shit to Miscavige away or just next?

– I thought happily, with the fact-finding abandoned his scooter snapped and left the scene.

Update: While the article correctly angels along the ground I, the article’s headline recommendation by mistake somehow Újpest I wrote this article appeared in the FB’s recommendation as well. The error is corrected in the meantime.


I hoped the story wasn’t true, but then I remembered this example of how David Miscavige treats his followers. From Marc Headley’s book Blown for Good

Dave was putting in “too gruesomes” for all those who were in noncompliance with his orders. A “too gruesome” was a punishment that was so gruesome that a person would get the objective done for fear that the gruesome punishment would be enforced if they failed to do so. All of CMO Int had scrubbed the entire galley with toothbrushes for two weeks straight. They cleaned the floors, the walls, even the grease traps, all with tiny toothbrushes. This was after digging ditches out at the berthing buildings job site. Dave just kept thinking up more and more jobs for them to do. I was even asked if there were any really nasty dirty jobs in Sets & Props that the CMO Int crew could do as a too gruesome punishment assignment.

One day when I was heading over to the castle, I saw a huge cloud of dust over to the northwest of the Studio, in the direction of the aeration ponds. The aeration ponds were two huge football field sized ponds that contained all of the sewage that was created on the property. Huge underground pumps moved the sewage from all over the property to the aeration ponds. There was a large fountain in the middle of a small adjacent pond that would aerate the sewage and after many months the solid waste would either evaporate into the air or settle at the bottom and the water would slowly seep back into the water table of the property.

As required by law, the solid waste was supposed to be removed from the ponds every so often. For this, the aeration ponds would be allowed to completely dry out in the hot desert sun and a backhoe or some sort of heavy equipment would come in and empty out the solid waste, after which the pond would then get filled back up with fresh water and the process would start all over again with new waste.

Well it looked like the new too gruesome had been found. All of the Int staff were now out in one of the newly dried aeration ponds and were emptying out all of the solid waste by hand. I could not believe it at first. But I was assured this was correct by some of my crew who had helped set up a few huge work light towers out there so they could work well into the night. I could not imagine how that could even be healthy. I am sure that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) rules forbid such activity without some sort of breathing apparatus or masks or something.

The same day I noticed the huge dust cloud coming from that direction of the property, I was called to the executive offices. When I got there, the Commanding Officer explained to me that the Commodore’s Messenger organization staff were out at the aeration ponds now and that several of the targets that were not completed by them relied on targets that I had not gotten done and that by request of Marc Yager, I, too, was to go out to the aerations ponds and clear them out.

Just when I thought that I would never truly believe what they were doing I would get to experience it firsthand. And, of course, I had my “good buddy,” Marc Yager, to thank for it.

I was driven out to the pond by Security. Danny Dunagin, naturally, who else. I was teamed up with a girl from Int who was supposed to watch me and make sure I did not try to take off.

I arrived at the aeration pond. It was at least as big as a football field, maybe even bigger. It was twelve feet deep and the bottom two feet was solid waste that needed to be removed.There were a hundred or so crew working there. All were in T-shirts and shorts or jeans. A few here and there had small white painter’s masks on, but for the most part, people were unmasked and breathing the dust clouds that filled the air. Most crew were in the middle of the dry ponds picking up solid waste and filling small five gallon paint buckets that would then be passed out in a long line and dumped in piles outside the pond. The handling of the solid waste created the huge dust clouds. As you picked up the waste, it would crumble in your hands and make dust. Multiply that times a hundred people walking, handling and moving all that waste and that made a pretty big cloud. We were inhaling a giant cloud of excrement dust. I tried to wear a mask, but with the temperatures being in the high 90s, the sweat just mixed with the dust and made mud around the mask. It seemed worse than just breathing the dust.

By dinner time, I had absolutely no appetite whatsoever. I spent the entire time allotted to grab a quick bite to blowing out my nose and coughing up crud that had made its way into my mouth over the past several hours. We went back into the pond and worked into the night. By the end of the night I had been completely covered with sweat and crap dirt. Every pore had been penetrated or covered and in between dry heaving and coughing full time, 1 was exhausted. At midnight we all made our way over to the garage where we were supposed to take showers. I hosed myself down while waiting in the line for a shower. There were only two or three showers and at least 40-50 guys and by the time I got into a shower, the water was freezing cold. We were allowed to sleep until 6:00 A.M., at which point we were awakened, given some trays of cold soggy eggs and sent back out to the ponds. This went on for two days. I was the only crew member from Gold there, everyone else was from CMO Int.

I guess CO CMO Int thought that I had learned my lesson and suffered enough. On my third day out at the ponds, I was brought back to the garage and ordered to get cleaned up. After an hour I was brought back over to the CO Golds Office and asked if I had had a change of heart. I don’t even remember what I said. But the entire time I was talking, I thought of how I would one day escape this place and write about this experience.

That night when I got to wash up, I took a two-hour shower to try to get the stench off me. It did not work. I think it took a week for all of the crap to work its way out of my pores, nose, throat, and ears. Even my eyes would tear crap mud. It was the most disgusting, humiliating experience of my entire life. Yeah, I had suffered well enough.

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The Cult of Scientology has many enemies. The one stat that is straight up and vertical is increasing # if enemies made.
In the Cult of Scientology, the belief is atrocities, Fair Game, diabolical programs “to utterly destroy” are all valid and ethical because the enemies of the Cult want to end Scientology in its current form.
The one thing that Scientology is blindfolded to is the EARLIER BEGINNING.
BEFORE enemies were made, Scientology Inc engaged in DIABOLICAL CONDUCT, so unconscionable, that forever enemies were made.
One of the more despicable punishments that reigned in my Sea org years and even continues to now is called PIGS BERTHING.

Assignment to “Pigs” Berthing could be for something as simple as not selling enough BASICS (books) in the quota. “Pig’s berthing” means that you do not have permission to return to your bed at night. You must sleep in a windowless small room with other PIGS, on the floor mingling with their sweat and snores.

It is humiliating, it is degrading like most Scientology Inc punishments, the penalties are designed to degrade and overwhelm. “Pigs Berthing” is assigned to Sea org members who work 100 hour weeks for peanuts. Even their own right to sleep in their own bed is taken away.
But wait, READ this petition from this couple begging to not be forced into Pigs berthing.
All this is considered “Normal” and “Natural” in the Sea Org.
The Sea Org member is referred to as a PIG.
Click document below to magnify.
Document courtesy Martin O


Today Tony Ortega posted on his blog a story which he cautiously said might be true or not that Miscavige had a bucket of shit (feces) thrown over him in Budapest (Hungary) at the Ideal Org opening.
I see this as a Karmic event.
At Int base, Sea Org members would be thrown into a feces pond with old bacteria and dead birds until so many Sea Org members got really sick and were off post that the punishment changed to being thrown into the swimming pool on the ship in the desert.
Scientology has a technique called :*Rollback* Rollback seeks to find the origin or starting point of something. Mostly a rumor, a critical statement, anything offensive to Miscavige, Hubbard or Management.
A punishment in Sea Org Culture has been to throw someone into a body of water, a pool, a lake, and even, when no body of water available, hurl buckets of water to punish the disgraced Sea org member by enforced pushing into (often cold) WATER.
This abusive *religious discipline* is actually written up in a Sea Org issue (read below)
But where and why did this start ?
I recall being outraged to read a write up by Mike Rinder that he and Heber would be daily thrown into the St Hill East Grinstead Lake in November when it is extremely cold, as ordered by Miscavige.

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 this guy gets it! 

I wonder if she DM’d Grant Cardone’s private email or something?

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Don’t mess with a T-Rex.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.09.08 Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.36.21

Scientology boss furious after Daily Mail reports on his Tom Cruise ‘bromance’ and secret videos

Tom Cruise (Debby Wong /

Church of Scientology head David Miscavige really didn’t like the Daily Mail’s allusions to a “bromance” between him and notorious Scientologist Tom Cruise.

After Leah Remini’s book release, former members of Church of Scientology began coming out to express their own experiences to the Daily Mail. They gave details about the close friendship between Cruise and Miscavige. The story called Cruise “Scientology royalty,” claiming that the church worked hard to “impress” him. The two “gamble and smoke cigars together and share a special language – but Miscavige secretly recorded the movie star,” the Daily Mail reported.

The former church members that came forward talked about secret video cameras that Miscavige allegedly installed to tape members of the church. Presumably, this meant all members, including Cruise. According to iMediaEthics, that’s what Miscavige took issue with, insisting anyone being recorded knows that he or she is being recorded.

He filed a formal complaint with the Independent Press Standards Organisation, which regulates the press in the UK. The only problem is that the Daily Mail published the story from a US journalist about US events, and US journalism isn’t regulated by anyone. It shouldn’t fall under the IPSO’s purview, but that didn’t stop them from issuing a kind of “ruling” on it anyway.

The Daily Mail told the IPSO that it stands by its sources and the claims made in the piece. Miscavige’s response, however, was “unpublishable,” they told the IPSO, so instead they updated it, reflecting Miscavige’s denial that hidden cameras were used to secretly record auditing sessions with Cruise “for his own personal entertainment.” He also swore that he did not have a soccer field laser leveled out to impress David Beckham.

While the piece reflects the sentiment of Miscavige’s denials, the IPSO wasn’t satisfied, saying they didn’t properly report the denials. “The Committee was unable to conclude that the steps taken prior to publication showed that Mail Online had taken care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information,” IPSO said, and required the site publish the disclaimer on their website.



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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri wants to be an actress like her mother, and this is worrying the 37-year-old star. Rumors had surfaced that Cruise and Holmes got divorced because the actress feared she would lose their daughter to Scientology.

After the Church of Scientology, Holmes’ new nightmare is that Suri is now attracted to the stardom, OK! Magazine reported.

“Katie was worried that Suri was becoming a bit insular due to intense spotlight that’s always on them, and she thought classes would help,” a source told the publication, according to the Hollywood Gossip. “Now she’s nosing around for a small role to help Suri to get her feet wet.”

According to the report, Holmes thinks that Suri is brilliant.

“This is Katie’s worst nightmare, but she knew it was coming,” the source said. “Katie would never get in the way of Suri’s ambitions, but she’s actually a very intelligent little girl who could do anything she wanted – doctor, lawyer, anything – so it’s somewhat heartbreaking for Katie to hear Suri dream of a career on the big screen.”

Previously, reports surfaced that Holmes always wanted a normal life for her daughter Suri. According to a Radar Online report, there was a major change in Suri’s lifestyle after Holmes separated from Cruise, yanked her out of the Church of Scientology and moved her to the West Coast.

Over the last few months, rumors have surfaced that Holmes is engaged to Jamie Foxx, and the two have also secretly married. However, the rumors were later debunked. Pregnancy rumors surrounding Holmes have also made the rounds.

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