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As Expected, Chris Rock Had A Lot To Say About The #OscarsSoWhite Situation Last Night

Unless your only exposure to Chris Rock is the Madagascar movies or a television from the 90s that plays nothing but those Lil Penny commercials, then you pretty much expected Chris Rock to drag the Oscars for their lack of diversitythis year. And he did! For all 10:28 minutes of his monologue, Chris Rock was like a one-man #OscarsSoWhite Twitter thread.

Chris yanked at the weaves of the Academy by making a joke about there being “at least 15 black people” in the opening montage, referring to the Oscars as the “White People’s Choice Awards“, and slapping at Hollywood for being “sorority racist.” Yes, Chris went there. And then once he got there, he took a cab from there and went even further by joking that the In Memoriam segment was going to be just black people who were shot by the cops on their way to the movies.

But because Chris is an equal-opportunity hater, he took a few swipes at the famous types who told him he should cancel his tuxedo rental and boycott the ceremony. Chris also shot up to the top of Scientology’s Shit List by reading Oscar boycotter Jada Pinkett Smith to filth. Marty’s clap back at Gloria happens at the 2:48 mark.


In the event that gets yanked from YouTube, you can watch the whole thing here.

According to Chris, “Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited!” Somewhere in an ear-nose-and-throat clinic, the Original Aunt Viv is being treated for extensive damage done to her vocal cords from screaming “YAAASSSSS!” at the top of her lungs.

Chris kept it real, and I’m sure there were some people who weren’t having it. But it never really went into uncomfortable-for-everyone territory. Then again, you’ve got to work pretty hard to beat John Travolta creeping on everyone during last year’s ceremony.

As Expected, Chris Rock Had A Lot To Say About The #OscarsSoWhite Situation Last Night

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We are going to put up a billboard on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles to make people more aware of Scientology Disconnection, as well as hopefully entice those in Scientology to take that step of calling their loved ones, family, friends, or whoever they have disconnected from due to pressure from the Church of Scientology.

In order to do this we’re trying to raise enough money to put the billboard up for 3 months or more. We are putting up a portion of the money ourselves because we have 2 kids in Scientology who have disconnected from us due to the Disconnection Policy and duress from within the church,  but will need help to get the rest of the way.

Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. Total cost with printing & installation is $8200.00


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What is Scientology Disconnection?

Disconnection is the severance of all ties between a Scientologist and a friend, colleague, or family member deemed to be antagonistic towards Scientology.

Our Mission Statement:

The practice of disconnection is so widely used by Scientology it has literally torn apart hundreds, if not thousands of families, friends, and colleagues. This site aims to educate people about it, and to expose this cruel and abusive practice. We want to do what we can to reconnect those who were estranged by Scientology so that broken families and friendships can be made whole again.

What Can We Do About It?:

  1. If you have been shunned, or disconnected by Scientology friends or family we’d love to hear your story. Send us your story and we’ll enter it on our site: Enter your story here.
  2. Make a complaint to the IRS. Scientology hides its abuses behind its tax excempt status and actually states on its website that disconnection is a protected right. The Church of Scientology International spends tax exempt dollars to pay attorneys to hire private investigators for the purposes of engaging in systematic acts of spying, harassment, and intimidation directed against former members of the Church, critics, journalists, and filmmakers who expose Church abuses. Here’s how you can help. Click here for how to make a complaint.

Here’s what Scientology says Scientology Disconnection is:

“The term disconnection is defined as a self-determined decision made by an individual
that he is not going to be connected to another.”

Here’s the actuality:

There is no ‘self-determined decision’ by the individual inalone-1431667 Scientology about disconnecting from a friend or relative who has either left the church, or is critical of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, or David Miscavige. If they fail to do so immediately then they will suffer the same fate of losing family, friends, and any business contacts they may have.


Here’s what Scientology says about family relationships:

 “The Church encourages excellent family relationships, Scientologists or not, and family relations routinely improve with Scientology.”

Here’s the actuality:

There are hundreds, if not thousands of family members whogrouphave been torn apart by Scientology disconnection, some not seeing their family member for 10, 20, 30 years and more. In one case cited by the UK Government, a six-year-old girl was declared Suppressive for failing to disconnect from her mother. Many women who left the Scientology Sea Organization relate accounts that they were instructed not to have children, and were coerced to have abortions. There is at least one ongoing court case against Scientology by an ex-Scientologist who alleges she was forced to have an abortion at a very young age.

Billboard decrying Scientology ‘disconnection’ will be going up on Hollywood Blvd

What a way to celebrate Leap Day. Early this morning, Phil and Willie Jones’ project to put an anti-disconnection billboard on Hollywood Boulevard reached its funding goal, and now Phil tells us that he’ll quickly get the papers filed to make the sign a reality.

Continue reading Billboard decrying Scientology ‘disconnection’ will be going up on Hollywood Blvd

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